Monday, 7 July 2014

GM Tutorial: Player group

GM Tutorial: Player group

There are many type of players, and unless the GM knows what the players are going to play before he plans his campaign, he would have to account for a rough version of all the types of characters the players are going to be.

There are a lot of types described online and how they would solve things, a few examples is Mary Sue, the ultra violent, the non-combatant, and the tactician. What is common with these types is that the players know what they want to play, unless it happens to be by accident by inexperienced players.

These types need to be accounted for when planning campaigns, if you got a ultra violent character in the group, then he would like some combat, or else he will not have much to do. If you got a non-combatant, its the opposite, you want to give him plenty of oppertunities to do stuff outside of combat. If you have a tactician, then its all about laying plans, or giving information so the player can develop their own plans.

If you have a Mary Sue on your hands, then you have a problem... noone expect the player likes this jack-of-all-trades, master of everything, that is a mixed race with all the bonuses but no penalties and a background story that is drawn straight out of a otaku's fanfic.

What I mean by this post is to plan for what type of character the players want to play and make sure to create content that fits their character.

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