Monday, 22 May 2017

Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 0

I was playing in a Legend of the 5 rings game, which lasted only a few sessions, before the GM needed a break to plan more content for the game. So he asked if anyone could run a different game in the meanwhile.

I offered to run something, and looked at my various games, and seemingly i had a giant game of Esteren prepped that i never ran, due to previous players for that game said "naa, we want to play Iron Kingdoms instead"

This giant game had around 80 plots. 1 main plot that was based on a single picture, then it split into 5 major plots, and each of these major plots, split into 2-4 minor plots, then these split again into 2-5 plots that players could directly deal with.
I also had a LOT of side-plots, and if the PCs came across premade content, i could use that too.

So, the game was not lacking for content, but i needed to start them off somewhere, so why not the capital, in a harvest festival, for some more light-hearted stuff and all the PCs needed a reason for going to the capital.

Character creation started and i had a few players.
Dornam Velfire of the Downland Greenhill, a Osag (Celtic) thane, son of a prominent chieftain, who was travelling to the capital to ask the king's advising Demorthen (Druid), about why the demorthens across the peninsula (current extent of the game-world), have grown more and more elusive.
Miriam a Tarish (mongol-gypsies) occultist, who were seeking ways to gain power, the more powerful, the better, like black sorcery. Her quest was to talk to people from academical professions to learn more about occultism in general.
Talaitha, another Tarish, but this was a travelling pathfinder, who apparently started with enough money to buy 86 horses, she did want to start a horse farm, but due to not being able to stay with the group, this was shot down as a possible character option. And due to the money being something that a Tarish could only dream about, the money had to come from somewhere else, and in this case, it was a random sum that the king paid, but the carrier of the letter, died, she found the letter, and choose to keep it. She only wanted to see the world, and I as GM was not able to coax any more plot out of that player, so I left it alone for the moment.
Catalina, a Gwindre (religious country) Vector (archaeologist/missionary), who had the miracle of healing, so only spell-caster in the group (not that spells are common in the game). This PC wanted to meet with a contact, a diplomat who were currently trying their best to dissuade the country's king to from going to war (all 3 kingdoms on the peninsula was about to start a war, but it had yet to break out)

the game started with the PCs travelling alongside a merchant by the name of Von Strab (stolen from warhammer 40k), who told them about the capital (gave players a way to learn information through in-character questions), and they learned that most public offices were closed for the festival, which lasted a week, and they needed passes to get to higher districts.

The PCs could access lower district, high district, and port, without a pass, but to reach the "suburbia", they needed one type of pass, then another for the scholar district, a third for the noble district, and only on invitation, could they get to the king's castle.

The PCs got to familiarize them selves a little, and get a room in the more expensive part of town (high district), for a week, then the game ended the session as we were already running on overtime at this stage.

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