Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Update: Really busy lately

Looks like things take time, I've been really busy lately, both with work and on the homefront. Incredible many sources of stress has made me forget about the blog, but I remembered it today and felt i could do a short status update.

There are 2 drafts currently on this page, episode 3 for the star wars game and the next episode for the DH2 campaign.

however, the DH2 campaign have gotten quite far ahead. as there are Suellen the hospitaller, then Luigi the fixer, then I dont really know who is going to be the 2 next characters in the story, im considering Arcide the arbitor and maybe one of the guardsmen. However, at that stage, the campaign is done and the next campaign is up, which is called Dead Saints.

Dead Saints are a story about zombie outbreaks, lead by raised saints, where the PCs needs to contain these holy undeads and figure out where they came from, while at the same time possible teaming up with nurgle agents who view this type of heresy as an insult to the true emperor.

Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 3

In this session, a new player joined us, by new, i do mean Catalina , who made a character during the character creation session. In addit...