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Dark Heresy: What is this? I don't remember this... - episode 2? part 1

There might have been a lot of other games but i can only remember this campaign as it was linked to some of my lore.

The group consisted of the following:
- the battle-sister who died heroicly, which now played a cleric (regular one, male)
- the sororitas  from the previous session, who was down to 0 fatepoints
- a Tech-priest, the previous character I think died to the plague bearer, but could be wrong, the player's characters had a tendency to die in my game for strange reasons.
- a.. psyker? yes, a psyker, the one played by the irony-player

I think this was the group, might have been 1-2 more people, but I do not remember them.

Anyway,   they were on their way back to the inquisitor after finishing a job, when they were sent off course by a warpstorm and ended in a new system. The captain of the ship saw that in front of them was a huge dustcloud. The captain figured that they might hide there untill they knew that the area was safe... this was a misstake,  as the dustcloud was hiding a starship graveyard and the ship crashed straight into that.

the session started with the sororitas on the ground in her room, with total darkness around her, she had no idea what had happened so the best option was to find a way out, but she brought her book... it was a good book.

Out in the hallway, it was also darkness, but sound of electicity could be hard from the right, so she touched the wall and walked left. there was a corner and more electricity, so she felt around for any passageways and fond a room. some sparks gave off enough light to reveal a broken wall to the next room that could be used to bypass the hazard in the hallway.

Once through, sound could be heard from a nearby room, she figured it was the library and the cleric was there, he was on the inside and not strong enough to lift the door away, but the combined effort allowed them to join up. So they continued like this an picked up several PCs on their way, like the psyker in the cantina, stuck while trying to climb out of a hole he had partly fallen into, he was hanging on for his dear life while something below was trying to jump and grab his legs.

After rescuing the psyker, they did get some help when the psyker used the power of heat vision, allowing them to see other people. They found the Tech-priest thanks to this, and he was stuck,  upside down in the ceiling, cutting him down would mean falldamage unless they did something about that, but they did not care.

After getting the entire group back togeather, they tried to figure out where they were, but only 1 person had a flashlight and the tech-priest had a makeshift one. So they continued slowly untill  they reached an area where they could continue to explore (they came from the north), to the south through a small passage, through the south-west through some blastdoors, or up a ladder to the east, then follow a walkway to a passage to the south-east.

They choose the ladder, climbing in complete darkness without anyone to shine a light (the psyker had the proper  one and never wanted to help anyone,  so that was out, and the tech-priest's had a makeshift that would fall apart at any second). so they sent everyone except the tech-priest up first since he could fix the light if it was broken. So they all made it up safely, but the tech-priest fell and took  a lot of damage from repeated falls, so instead of burning a fatepoint on being reduced to below 0 health, he stayed behind in the darkness while the others continued on.

They continued along the passage and found another ladder, but this time, only the best climber was sent up to figure out what was up  there. And it was some kind of exterior viewport... most of what they saw was dust particles, but soon they realised that beyond that  lied another ship, the letters along the side spelled "Los pENETRADAS", and looked as their ship had hit its side and penetraded its hull. One passage could be seen about 1 or 2 floors down and seems to lead the "new" ship.

After gathering up, they had a plan to see if there was anyone left on the ship, find some sort of log showing what happened (characters knew but players did not, I refused to tell them so they only got vague information). They continued and and found various paths but most demanded a lot of work and one path led to a maintenance shaft, this could take them a lot of places, so best shot was there.

Crawling through the shaft was easy enough, but they spotted something moving around in a large chamber from one of the viewports, it was about the size of a human and crawling on all four, so likely something dangerous... better keep quiet and crawl further.

... Sorry at this point I got a brainfart, so better split the story in two and continue on later with a new post.

Dark Heresy: What is this? I don't remember this... - episode 1

At some point, I had rewritten the starting classes you could  play in Dark heresy to make them all seem more balanced, still have the noted but I came across some noted for a game I called "it all comes togeather", which meant that I planned to bring several different games togeather to wrap things up,  but beside the premade campaign I ran, I don't remember what happened, It might be combined with a few other games so I'll run with this for now.

The group consisted of a sororitas... and thats all I remember.. why is this story so vague?

Anyway, the players were redirected by their inquisitor to head to a new location, the mines in the premade campaign, it was pretty straight forward, they got planetside and interacted with the first NPCs, looked around when a player said "lets skip this, lets just get on with the story". So we skipped ahead to the meeting with an commissar in control of the area, or at least the situation at hand. They were informed of the trouble at the mines and that they were closed due to loosing too many men inside. The PCs had the authority to investigate so they could visit the quartermaster to get some gear they needed and then be on their way towards the mine, the commissar would meet them there.

So they got their gear and headded to the mines, it was straight forward as one of the players just said "ye ye, lets get on with it"... so I did. They got inside the  mines and were closed in and had to rely on their equipment to navigate the mines to where the last squad was seen. Which was a bit troublesome, up to the point that the player who was impatient said "well, if you had just given us time to explore the camp and the  area, would would have known about this or gotten the gear from it"... I'm pretty sure that I was not the only one who saw the irony in what he said, but he  did not so I had to explain that "someone wanted to move the story on so we skipped that part, I would have let you go around and find this stuff if you did not just push on"... the player fell silent after that.

They arrived at the entrance of the area that the last squad went missing, there was a heavy door with several lasgun burnmarks around it, so they proceeded slowly, but the air inside caused fatigue due to the stench, so they retreated back and figured that  they should hurry instead. ok, in and to the right... fight against a mutant guardsman... back out... ok lets skip to the end... and they ignored most of the encounters and ran to the end where they saw some orange light of sorts. some sort of crystal was eradiating power and a partly manifested Plague bearer was guarding it.

The fight was quite intense for starting characters,  but it was doable as it was designed for it, but  i had to remove the reinforcements he got due to them charging ahead isntead of dealing with it. However, one of the  players discovered that if he shot the crystal, it seems to be  damaged, so they threw several grenades at it untill it broke, sending a wave of warp powers into the area and drawing the plague bearer back to the warp...  however, everyone had roll to resist mutation.

Everyone except the sororitas succeeded. So the nun had tentacles spewing out of her belly... yes some tentacle jokes were made but we quickly shifted focus when she said that she cut them off  with her sword... causing her to bleed, the others tried to stop it, but she bled out (fatepoint burn), or not, but they tried to heal her critical wounds (failed and caused bleeding), so they tried  to stop the bleeding again but failed (fatepoint burn), now that she was stabilised one player wanted to heal again when the sororitas  player said  "oh no you dont, i have no faithpoints  left now thanks to you, stay away"..  which was a smart idea as  we testrolled and got a 100...

This is all I remember from this episode, im sure there was some game in between but I know that this group is more recent that I had expected, so would have to go back to cover other games, like more Rogue Trader campaigns. But got to finish this one first.

Dark Heresy: RT Victris' new employees - episode 2 - last episode

In this episode, the group was set down  on a planet for some shoreleave while the highranks were visiting a noble on the planet.

It started out with them being given shoreleave directly from the seneschal (lord captain usualy retreats to his workshop way to often), the frateris militia managed to insult the seneschal, so what happened was that the seneschal raised his hand to his ear, tapping his microbead and said "Vyn... he is all yours".

What happened next, the frateris militia had no idea but the others saw it clearly. Mc.. something, the muscle's eyes shot up with fear, he picked up the milita and started to run like hell towards the shuttle bay while shouting "hurry, better get out of here quickly", so everyone ran like hell, not really understanding what was going on but clearly understood that the militia's life was in severe danger.

They managed to get to the shuttlebay before they saw Vyn, the muscle handed the Milita to the others and seemed like he would try to slow Vyn down. Not wanting to stick around, the group left planetside.

Most of the time spent here was done shopping, with whatever money they had  gotten their hands on, which was not a lot, so it required selling some gear and buying new ones. But hints of things of interesst drew them in a direction and they ended up in a plaza. The area was surrounded by guardsmen and something was up, the most paranoid ones was about to leave when a tall but thin commissar shouted "You are all pick for serving the militia to fight against the feral orks, follow the guardsmen to your designated posts".  And the guardsmen started steering the crows in the direction of a makeshift camp. Some tried to make a run for it but was shot, so the rest followed the guardsmen to their fate, even shop owners who operated in the area.

Everyone was directed to an open area with lots of tents and firing ranges, there was several lines for being handed out gear and everyone got in a line. The group  tried to explain, but it was clear that everyone was in the same position, even nobles had been pressganged and many were objecting. 2 commissars were walking around striking everyone with whips if they did not obey.

A picture tells a 1000 words, so this were who the commissars were based on:
except that they were clearly "evil"... or normal in 40k sense, regular commissars who demanded discipline from people who had none of the expected kind.

The PCs reluctantly picked up their lasgun and flak armour, untill the assassin got to his turn, the player said "no, I'm not doing this, I'm  having none of this", as a GM I had to take  things into consideration, the player had caused a lot of trouble, so letting him go through whatever the others also had  to go through would be fair, there was no special  treatment, I considered going easy on him but that would not be fair to the others, so it was the choice of being fair towards 1 or more than 1 (dont remember how many we were), so in the end, I  figured that I would let the ingame events settle this rather than bringing this out of game.

Overall, I think I did the right thing with what I was going to do, the players said it was a bit unfair to him, but we were playing 40k so it made sense, but there was just empty complaints, it should not be done but there was no other way that any of us saw.

The assassin refused, so one of the commissars walked up and asked "Trouble" in a threatening way, the assassin was completely ignorant, caught up in anger that he was forced to pick up a lasgun instead of his sniper (he could have both but he was not listening). So the commissar used his whip and said "pick it up".
The assassin had enough, he brought his sniperrifle up, aimed at the commissar... "click"... out of ammo.

The player was shouting in anger now, saying that the tech-priest had checked over the sniper to make sure it was ok (he had failed the test and the assassin was not paying attention when this  was done and assumed it was ok when the tech-priest said he did not find anything). The commissar was about to strike again when the assassin drew his other weapon and shot the commissar, not dealing enough damage to go through the armour, and the guardsmen around converged on the assassin, taking him out as he continued to resist. In the end he said;
Angry player: "i burn a fatepoint to take the commissar down with me"
GM:  "ok, how many fatepoints do you have left"
Angry player: "5"
I was close enough to see his character sheet and I saw 0, asked him to hand it to me, and confirmed it, he had 0 fatepoints, all was spent. I  told him this and he had no choice, he went down, died, without being able to injure the commissar... he had however managed to take down 3 guardsman and shot the cleric with a stray bullet.

With the situation defused, the angry player said he was making a psyker so he could break my game... there was clear tension around the table now, so I choose to ignore  him to let him vent his anger on character creation, I was trying to be friendly so I loaned him my book. The psyker was in amongst the pressganged people and he was fine with that, but still  angry.

The PCs was forced through some basic training, everyone gaining the talent "basic weapon training: Las", during which, the scum tried to be a funny guy around the commissar who really did take any shit. I had assigned a sergeant to look after them, so when the scum was asked to shoot at a target for the 3rd time, if he did not hit,  he would be summary executed for being incompetent. So with that threat, the scum shot bullseye.... on the wrong target, on purpose.

the commissar walked up to the target he was supposed to fire at, while his eyes was looking towards the target, the sergeat grabbed the scum and pulled him to the next range so the target he hit would be the correct one.

The table bursted out laughing, the situation was now defused and we could continue like normal. Well  the angry player was still angry, but in a quiet way, so I ignored him when he did not want to do something, no prodding or asking what he wanted to do, he would speak up when he wanted something.

the commissar looked back at the scum and saw that the scum was in the next range
Commmissar: "oh, my bad"
and walked over to the next... more laughter from around the table... good good...  keep it like that, this is how a bad situation could be salvaged.

With everyone content, they were questioned on their previous jobs and  what they were good at, then sent to special training.  These consisted of stealth work, with about 5 people (1 player and 4 NPCs) asked to do something and based on test, various things would be done, none of the players rolled the worst result but they got tasked with various things like sent into a part of a forest to hide, if they were discovered by elite scouts, they had failed, there was some training for use of flamers and various other types of equipment.

The scum had EVERYTHING  he needed for being a good scout, with the exception of contortionist, so the scum was asked to avoid a master scout (which was designed to be better), the scum ran away and the scout spent some time looking for him, and found him in the end.

Now the scum player got angry, he had not put everything he had into his stats just to be found, I  tried to defuse the situasion with retracing the steps the scum had taken and having the scout point out the various locations and skills he could have used, and giving the character contortionist skill for free as a result... but it was not enough, the player was still angry that his character did not manage to sneak way from the base and away from the campaign. (if i did let him he would be forced to make a new character, and i dont remember if i told him this or not).

anyway,  everyone earned something from their training and was prepared to be put on the frontlines against the orks, but they had barely managed to send a message for help to the Rogue Trader dynasty, so there was hope for them to leave.

But we had to stop the session here, and they politely asked me to stop GMing the game for them. They lost their interesst in the game and was left with a bad aftertaste due to the situation, which is quite understandable, what happened, happened. This group was quite new compared to my other one so it.. I can't say that it was to be expected, but I was not surprised. The players was a close group  of friends and I was an outsider, they would  rather play a different game than a setting which was like 40k.

As mentioned, I talked to the players afterwards and it was understandable, but noone had any ideas how to avoid it, if  it could have been avoided, oppertunities should have been created earlier or maybe more hints of what was going to happen, if an experienced player was in the game he would see what would  happen, at least we would assume so. Overall, we ended on friendly terms but the game ended and I  quit running games for the group (which also stopped playing RPs because noone would GM)

I  had a discussion about the grimdarkness of 40k and figured that I had an oppertunity to portray this during this game,  but before I even started I knew it was just too bad to run for a new group, not even an established group should have to encounter this. But I feel that I should at least mention the idea even if it was bad.

When the PCs got their special training, people ran out into  the forest to hide, one of the guys were a thin really creepy guy, and another was a young boy, barely 16, who had gotten a cameleoline cloak from his family. I do not think I need to mention anything more than this right? yes, it would be way too bad to portray something like this which already was going to play a lot on the player's nerves and worldview. So the idea was scrapped and will  never be a part of any games I run for the same of people's sanity... its 40k im running,  not a H.P. Lovecraft story, sanity should be somewhat robust.

Dark Heresy: RT Victris' new employees - episode 1

After having joined the RT's retinue from Periremunda, the group traveled to orbit to join the crew there while the chaos invasion raged, the lord captain did not want to put his ship in line of fire, so they were out of there.

The group consisted of the following players:
- Arbitor who kept shouting "I AM THE LAW" and wielded the trunchen called "STOP RESISTING!"
- a frateris militia who wielded the butterknife of daemon slaying
- a tech-priest who made a lot of sound when he walked
- a psyker who kept blinding teammembers with mental flashbang powers
- a cleric servant
- a scum who kept hiding everywhere
- a assassin, played by a person who took everything personal

the NPCs in the session was:
- Lord Captain Victris who was obsessed with technology to the degree that a seneschal had to do his normal job while he messed around with that.
- a seneschal who was supposed to be someone called George Gibbs, but my lore did not match up so he was changed to another one who i forgot the name of.
- 'Jack the voidmaster
- Chimmaron the tech-priest
- Mc..something, a arch-militant who walked around with just carapace pants and nothing else, and 2 powerfists.
- Vyn the Reaver, a insane sadist who loved explotions, shotguns and to terrify people with her psyker powers, but she was possessed by a warp spirit that was the voice of reason.
- James the missionary
- and maybe some more, but those were the ones I remember.

The very first thing that happened in this campaign was that the arbitor shouted "ARE THERE ANY  CRIMINALS HERE"... noone moved... "I AM THE LAW!"... 1 person tried to run... "STOP RESISTING!" the arbitor drew his STOP RESISTING! and chased after him, catching him and started beating him while shouting the weapon's name. the person who ran whimpered and screamed "but i have not done anything, i was just afraid"... the arbitor got an identity crisis, put the man in a closed and said "stay there"... several hours later.. he was still there, when i talk to the player online several years later, i just say "jupp, he is still there like he was told to"

I don't remember how, but tention was rising between the frateris milita and the arbitor, so the MC... something, the muscle, stepped between them, grabbed both and dragged them to some sort of arena, the militia managed to tear himself away but not the arbitor. So the arbitor was thrown in the ring, the muscle walked over to some machine and removed both his powerfists with it, then jumped into the pit.

This looked like it was going to be an unfair fight when the arbitor drew his judgeslayer... but it was magnetically pulled to the floor. so it was fists or non-metal weapons only, the result spoke for itself with the arbitor taking a beating, but the muscle accepted the tenacity of the arbitor and let him leave, the milita was punished differently, but i forgot how, i think he got STOP RESISTING!-ed

So the group arrived and made themselves comfortable, no task was required of them but they had some money to spend, so they went to the underdeck to spend it. Everything went pretty much ok, some challanges with negotiating with merchants, interacting with people and the people interacting with eachother... untill they encountered a slender sickly  man in robes, stalking towards them, the cleric  wanted to help but ended up being attacked, so they killed the  man and saw that he had spesific mutations that marked him as a Hullgast, the people around said that they  came from deeper in the underdeck, to a place called the black deck.

They ventured in and found several areas that was designed with security in mind, it could only provided cover from one direction and had plenty of chokeholds and places to retreat back to. There was a few mutants to take down, so they continued down the black deck, butchering things on the way, untill they reached  a large square hole with some kind of opened seal above it, in order to close it, they needed several round of manipulating a valve to lower it, sealing the hole. Meanwhile, Hullgasts were climbing out of the hole.

This was carried out through combat and nothing special happened due to the players having the upper hand with grenades and flamers. Nothing really happened, not even damage, untill they got back out and sealed the blastdoors to the black deck, when the assassin got shot by a high caliber bullet. But it had been shot from afar and lost most of its stopping power, and the armour absorbed the rest.

They discovered a few buildings with the correct distance and height to be the likely place the bullet was fired from, so they spent way too long reaching the building and investigating it that the shooter would be long gone, they would even have passed him as they ignored anyone exiting the building.

So they investigated various rooms, some contained poor people, barely managing to get by with minimal living conditions and living several in one room, some was completely empty or ruined, and some had their walls removed to create a larger flat by combining 2 or 3 flats. But in the end, they found the correct room. a drawer was placed next to the window, with a sniper rifle on it. The tech-priest scanned (meaning he looked,  not used a scanner) the room and the drawer to make sure there was no trap, and found nothing (failed test), so everyone freaked out, running away when the tech-priest said "I dont see anyting". All except the assassin, a sniper  rifle was just WAY too good to pass up on. so he grabbed it and the others said  "LEG IT!"... nothing happened... except  lots of meta gaming.

Recovering from their confusion, they gathered up again when the assassin felt that he was being watched,  he looked around and saw a guy with blond hair on some stairs leading to the market up above, he pointed his hands like a pistol and did a "bang, got you"... the assassin was having non of this, brought   up his new sniper rifle, aimed, and fired... the scope exploded and took out the assassins eye and knocked him to the ground.

When he got back up, the blond haired man was gone, but not wanting to give up, because the assassin was out for revenge, he sweared to ruin any plan I as a GM had in store for him, so he chased after, getting to the next floor, seeing 3 ways he could have gone, into the market, down a passageway or up another floor. He picked correctly and went into the market, only succeeding the awareness with 1 degree, he spotted the jacket that the blond guy was wearing lying on the stall  of a merchant.

Pulling his gun, he threatened the merchant, who had no idea, indicating that someone had left it there, but the assassin did not believe him and executed the merchant, causing complete chaos.

Meanwhile, just behind the assassin, was the blond guy, talking to a merchant about a hat he was going to buy while listening to the assassin, it was amusing untill shots were fired, so he paid and left, whisteling.

Campaigns I have not ran yet: episode 1

This episode was about Olga Ravaora, the Govenor's Daughter.

The group was supposed to arrive and search a beachworld they had been tasked to hold, it was quite a pradise but it was not colonised, so there was just guard outposts. Finding her would be difficult without going through the Imperial Guard HQ, which could be a campaign in itself.

But they would be getting to the right camp in the end and discover that she was out on a patrol, some time would be spent finding her, then some time unsuccessfully convincing her, she would finish her patrol then come back to camp, they could talk there. if the PCs follow or go back, it would make no difference except maybe som improvised encounters.

During the night at the camp, they would discover some light out at sea, some blue-ish light (could not say green as that would spoil things). So Olga and her team was tasked with going out there and figuring out what it was, the PCs were invited to join to see the importance of the IG's work, but they would not set out untill its daytime.

That morning, they got supplies and figured that instead of more watercrafts, they got meltaweapons shipped... damn munitorum, always making misstakes... but saying so would be heresy.

They set out towards where the light was seen the evening before and found the sea to be perfectly still. at least untill a geysir erupted about 500 meters away from them, then another about 20 meter closer... then it repeated, comming towards them in a terrifying speed before stopping about 60 meters away from them.

A couple of seconds quiet was all they got before a large thing erupted out of the water and arched over them, drenching them with water. The thing was HUGE and metallic, and it started to sink several boats by bodyslamming them or fireing large sickly green coloured energy beams at them.... yes, they were now up against a Necron Tomb Guardian.

Most of what was left of the campaign was unplanned or had to be improvised based on the PCs reaction, but I had given them the means to fight back in ways of a misstake made by the administratum. so... players... if I ever run this campaign... good luck.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 8 - Last episode

Ok, this is the last game i ran for this storyline, it had been a good run, and I thought it would continue, but sadly, it had to end after this. It was not meant to be more than a small sidemission before a interessting campaign I had planned, but things was not quite what it seemed.

So the group started out with the investigator asking them to travel offworld to find the next heir to the govenor who was slayed by an assassin (the mandrake-trained assassin), a woman named Olga Ravaora (last name was changed to not be affiliated with her father's role as planetary govenor). So they were about to engage in a campaign I called "the Govenor's Daughter".

She was a sergeant in a imperial guard regiment (the group from my first only war game might remember her as this was her). She was loyal to the imperial guard and her squad to no end, so it was going to be troublesome to get her to come back, but maybe easier to get her superiors to order her back due to the imperial guard might have good of having their own in a position of power that owed them loyality.

For this mission, we were Marv the blank gunslinger, Modesty blaze the arbitor (i had forgotten her, she was the assassin during most of the other games, i forgot when he changed character, but lets ignore that for now), there was the sororitas, a new psyker, a rogue this time, and the tech-priest.

The group traveled with a nobility ship that had lots of festivities, I had spent a lot of time to make subtle hints of people where that would be NPCs for upcomming sessions, amongst them, a noble with a scar under his left eye and a cyber foot that had a integrated boltgun in it.

For most of the trip, Modesty the arbitor spent her time sleeping and sleepwaking to take a piss, no idea why so don't ask, the player just sat by a corner of the table, giggling to himself. (I wonder if i found my players in a mental asylum, but naa, they all had their moments).

The psyker was smoking weed and checking out the ladies, he managed to lure 3 of them into his room, but the ladies started a catfight so he ran out, got a guard and lured him inside saying that there was ladies there wanting someone to play with. So the psyker waited untill it was calmed down, but remembered that his staff was inside the room, so he went back to it, saw that one of the ladies was in the corner, shaking, one lady sitting on the guard's face, holding him down, and the last lady sitting by his waist and brought down a knife while screaming words of an incomprehensible language... the psyker closed the door... thought about it, opened the door... there stood a daemonette.... "oh fuck"

The psyker slammed the door shut and started running, further downt he other direction, the arbitor sleepwalked further in the opposite direction of where he was running. The daemonette crushed the door and chased after the psyker.

Meanwhile in the tech-priest was struggling in the armoury, wanting his weapons back, finally after getting it, he saw... Bauldric?!, he had been modified and picked apart anything he got his hands on, so Bauldric took the tech-priests weapon and picked it apart... just as the psyker ran in shouting "DAEMON!".

Everyone dived for cover, the daemonette entered, and Bauldric beat her to a pulp... they had no idea what was going on and everything was an accident combined with the delayed responses, leaving everyone confused... except bauldric, he picked apart another gun and played this song:

Link to Bauldric the musicbot

a few more things happened, but this session was somewhat vague exept what had been mentioned and some players being elsewhere and a warpstorm being involved. Anyway, they would end up at their destination next session if it had not been for something causing an end to out group. I think it was a summer vecation or winter vecation...

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 7

The Redemptionist was punished for his failure in his task and after dealing with his punishment, he was assigned to another sister, but this was a lower rank sister (first one was a bolter bitch from BoM, while this was a sister sororitas from inquisitor's handbook, the powerlevel was a clear difference)

When they finished the trouble they had gotten themselves in and leaving Xanthia's body in the care of the canoness' care, they went to report to the inquisitor. But upon arrival, they saw him being struck down by a man, covered in dark paint & bodysuit and a sword that was clearly of xeno craftmanship (dark eldar mandrake blade), before vanishing, no matter how hard the players searched, they did not manage to beat the assassin's skills at erasing his tracks.

So the group were stuck in periremunda for the time, and the chaos invasion that were ongoing have limited their access to support. The lord inquisitor was unreachable as the autority needed had been transfered to the now dead inquisitor.

So they followed their contacts and tried to get help from the detective. But upon arrival, they found the house locked and no light, noone answered, so they broke in, finding the body on the floor above, dead, cut by some sort of blade, similar to the inquisitor... the hunters had now become hunted.

Marv was looking over the body while the rest were downstairs, when he was hit by some sort of metal piece, it did not do damage, but it forced him hard to the ground as if the gravity had increased ten-fold. He saw someone outside the window and managed to shout. Everyone sprang into action and managed to chase away the person on the outside, he had climbed up on the roof.

the psyker thought it was a good idea to wall-walk up to the roof, next to the window, but the untouchable Marv stuck his head out and asked "hey! whatcha doing?"... fall damage prevented the psyker from doing it again, and their target ran away (it was one of the assassins who did not like to use lethal weaponry or takedowns and refused to carry out his orders, hence the graviton gun. But now he suspected Marv to be the one to have killed his friend the detective)

With no more clues, except the detective last traces, they needed some higher power to help them, and the only one with that kind of power that they knew, was the planetary govenor. It would be difficult, but it was the only hope they had.

So they went there, climbing over the wall, taking downt he security quickly and entred the building, fighting some more security, found a library with a few chaos tomes amongs a lot of regular tomes. They continued untill they found an elevator.

Player 1: "I press floor 69"
Player 2: "I hope it's not Olga"... then proceeded to make catcalls to noone spesificly
GM: "the elevator door opens and you see a S&M scene, and a lady who cleary could fit the name Olga, saying 'ah, new playthings'"

the group managed to get the elevator door closed before olga got in reach and they traveled up to the 100th floor (yes, large building). here they saw a hallway with 2 doors on the side and a large double door at the end. When they opened the side doors, there was just a concrete wall behind them (fallout bunker referance). And when they opened the doors ahead, they saw something.

Before the Periremunda campaign with them working for a new inquisitor, like 10 sessions ago, they had a dream about them encountering a lightning throwing psyker, a elite stormtrooper and a flying adept... they died in that dream.

The group saw the same room as in their dream, and they were up against the following... The guardswoman, standing at the top of the stairs with a scoped hot-shot lasgun, The biotic psyker on the opposite side of the room, and a daemon host flying in the middle, ready to unleash damnation at the PCs.

Now.. this fight was quite memorable because a few things, but round for round explanation will not do, so I'll cover the main actions that were taken. As a GM, I had removed distort vision from the spell list completely, noone was allowed to use it untill i figured out a way to balance it, which is why they died easily in the dream, but here.

The PCs fanned out, spent grenades from cover to destroy the enemy's cover, got into melee with some of them and tried to use a lot of tactics. At some point, the psyker rolled Perils of the warp twice in 1 turn, and what happened was: "summon daemon"... a flamer of tzeentch, "gravity distortion". and the combination of this was that a daemon appeared out from the body of the psyker, killing him (no faithpoints left and was an NPC), gravity was reversed;
Daemon: "huh?"
And it fell down, dealing just enough damage to kill it and return it to the warp.

the entire table bursted out laughing at that, the scary scene was now turned into comical relief... so I wanted to finish it quickly. Marv ran up to the guardswoman in melee, using his untouchable trait to eliminate the daemonic influence on her, but at the same time it reduced her brain to mush, and she died from it. the daemon host could not do much except take the damage as he was pelted with righteous fury.

And with that, they mopped up everything, got the gear that the characters had, went into the govenor's office (oh, the daemon host was the new govenor) and found several pieces of proof of his plans to take over the world and that it could be used to counteract the invasion. they also found a few interessting pieces to use themselves and some money to make it worth it.

On the way back out they was met by a arbitor investigator along with several troops. They were contained but after some smooth talk, they got away but was indirectly employed by the investigator for dealing with planetary safety... which would be the start of the next, and last episode that I would be able to run for this group.

The aftermath of their actions;
- the assassins left the world
- the lord inquisitor let the PCs work for the temporary head of periremunda and make sure that taint was removed and order could be settled.
- the chaos invasion was mopped up, there was several stragler was still on the planet but it was more a time issue to be dealt with rather than a threat.
- several loose ends of the story had yet to be dealt with but some time was left open so the PCs could do solo missions over Skype or Steam to deal with those.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 6

Their first idea was to visit one lead they had, a detective that left the arbites a few years ago and still keeps up to date with various conspiracies within the city, so they paid him a visit. It was easy enough as he was a regular in most areas but he was called a nutjob and most avoided him.

They knocked on the door, he opened, Marv put a foot in the door and demanded to be let it, the detective responded by shooting Marv in the foot with a Judgeslayer handcannon.

So they tried again, excusing Marv's actions and asked to talk to him about some assassins that have been around town. The detective was willing as long as Marv stayed outside. So they all had a little chat which did not turn up any real clues but some suspicious activities underneath the ministorum district, and they learned a bit of history about the planetary govenor.

The former govenor was said to be holding a ball, lost of festivities, he was walking around talking to various people when he suddenly fell to pieces, like someone had stopped time, chopped him into pieces, disappeared and returned time to normal. It caused quite the disturbance and a new govenor was quickly put in place to take control over the situation. The entire thing sounded really suspicious to the detective, but he did not have the authority to get access to the scene or suspects that the arbites had. So he had to go by rumors and news sources, which could not be trusted entirely.

However, there was something outside, so they chased after it, with the psyker throwing spells in all directions before causing several blocks wide blackout. When it returned to normal, their target was gone, and a new person appeared and seemed to attack the psyker. They easily took him out and Xanthia searched the body to figure out who it was.

It was a witchhunter, tasked with putting down the psyker who had strayed from his path and deemed too dangerous to let live. Filled with righteous fury, Xanthia got up, turned around and shot the psyker... but the bullet went straight through the psyker. (distort vision power), she felt a solid punch to her back (rock hands power), the psyker appeared behind her, and appeared again instantly somewhere else (distort vision). The sister kept fighting but the bullet never hit, and she ended up going down from repeated damage from a "invisible" target. So when the sister burned a fatepoint to survive, the psyker ran away.

During the recovery time from the event, the sister was blamed for incompenance and appointed a redemptionist to look after her (the player of the psyker changed character).

The group went back to the inquisitor they were now serving and tried to come up with a plan, but they had nothing, so Galatia the tech-priest came up with the idea "lets go around town and loudly ask anyone if they had seen the assassins"... and since noone thought this was a bad idea, it was what they did.

One thing left to another, and they found themselves chasing a suspect into the sewers, but discovered that it was the suspect was....
Player: "A YU-GI-OH! PLAYER"
GM:... "ummm.. ok, he is a yu-gi-oh! player"

So after Marv had utterly defeated him in yu-gi-oh!, they learned that there was activites in the sewers of the undercity. And thus they got a new lead and traveled down to the undercity.

They saw that everyone in the area was poor and most had some sort of minor mutation, so they slayed some for being heretic, because being poor and having mutations was heresy and punishable by death according to the PCs (I tried to appeal to them that their lives are shit and do not deserve this, but they did not give a shit).... But they needed directions, so while standing in the open, knowing that they were watched from the shadows, Xanthia the battlesister shouted "I got money, anyone want money!?"... and they found themselves swarmed by poor weak people, normally not a problem, but the sheer amount of people forced them into a retreat, with the sister badly injured and agreeing that it was a bad idea. So they retreated deeper into the underhive with no clue about where they were headding, except away from the mob of beggars and mutants.

They reached the sewers (I had used a map that i cant find at the time im writing this), they did some exploring untill they discovered that there was something in the sewers with them, something was crawling along the floor and walls, so they went into overwatch in various directions and was ready for anything... except...

From above Xanthia the battlesister, a Loxatl mercenary lowered its shotgun-like weapon and blasted it point blank at her head from above, reducing her to -1 (removed helmet critical), then the combat started, the loxatl reacted first and shot again, killing her (fatepoint burning), I dont remember how but there was an explotion that caused the loxatl and the sister of battle to fall through the floor into a sewer tunnel blow and disappearing. The sister was rescued by some survivors in the tunnel.

The rest of the group fended of the loxatl mercenaries easily due to their weapons having longer range and was able to weaken anyone before they got into range, making them easy picking from there, before they were found by survivors in the tunnels and escorted to their hideout.

They got some time to rest and recuperate before being asked by their leader, a man with a energy rifle of sorts (Tau Pulserifle, noone knew what this was, and even understood the hint at the energy beam that hint the noble woman so many sessions ago).

The group gathered to be ready to fight their way out of the sewers along with the survivors, and they promised information in return, seeing that they needed to fight their way out anyway, it was better to go along with the idea than get the information immediatly.

So they made a stand against the loxatl mercenaries, the fight started easily enough, but there was several waves and Xanthia was brought down to loosing her last fatepoint... instead of loosing it to survive, she spent it to die heroicly.

Xanthia got her arm blown off, loosing the boltpistol, filled with righteous rage against the xenos heatens, she stepped into the middle of them, using her other hand to kill several with deliberate swings with her chainswords, but there were too many, they piled on top of her as she seemed to glow with increasing radience. There was only a pile of slimy loxatle bodies on top of the battlesister as she seemed to explode, a wave of holy energy seemed to fill the area, turning all  the loxatl mercenaries to dust, but it seems to also turn one of the survivors into dust also, for no apparent reason. (but the Players assumed chaos corrupted)
When the blast stopped, they saw the sister kneeling down with the chainsword stuck in the ground and her face weeping blood. Galatia the tech-priest saw that within the armor, the rest of the body was just a skeleton, only her face was normal, but frozen like a statue. So they figured that they should carry her back to the Ecclesiarchy temple.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 5 part 2

When the group finally reached the city, they saw tanks rolling in and surrounded the city, which was more a village. They started firing at the city from all directions, leaving themselves open to ambush from behind, at least from a small group of people.

While the group planned how to deal with this, a flyer had crashed elsewhere in the jungle, everyone was dead except Marv the metallical untouchable gunslinger, and Pontius the Administratum Clerk.
They scavaged whatever they could from the dropship before heading towards the city, one of the things they scavaged was the part that the other group needed for repairing their dropship.

When they arrived in sight of the city, they saw the tanks and some people opening one of the tanks and dropping grenades into it. So they followed suit, running down to one, opening the hatch, Marv diving head first into the tank while Pontius holding on to his legs. While hanging upside down in the tank, the pointed both his pistols in opposite direction and blasted everyone in the tank. Then both the adept and gunslinger took control over the tank and started to blast at the other tanks.

In short order, the group took out 4 tanks and some approaching ground troops before the enemy tanks managed to respond, the group got their tanks damaged and were running out in the open before being mopped out. Everyone was reduced to below -10 on critical wounds except the assassin, so they burned fatepoints (some were down to 0 fatepoints now, and most started with a lot).

They woke up outside the area, proped up against trees with the assassin tending to them and his own injures. The town was in complete ruins but there was hope, Pontius had the item they needed, so they could return to the dropship.

After spending some time to rest, they traveled back, with only one encounter on the way. The group crossed a area filled with Brainleaves, Marv was struck but managed to remove the thorn before he became a slave, and the psyker reluctantly cast the wither power, which killed the brainleaves instantly.

Then they reached the drop-ship several hour later and everyone helped out getting it operational. When they were ready to leave, they discussed how to reach the capital safely, and they came up with the idea to fly low, close to the lava to avoid most of the fighting, then fly back up when they approached the capital...this idea worked flawlessly (I also wanted to give them a break from crashing drop-ships... to which the players were mindblown about).

When they reached the capital, they were set off on the roofs of a merchant quarter while the rest (the ones that left the group earlier, continued to travel with the Retinue and joined up with the Rogue Trader Dynasty of Lord Captain Victris... which is not a very long game but it is a different story that I can cover later.

The group managed to send a message to the Lord inquisitor and was sent to a different inquisitor working closely with the imperial guard. That inquisitor held a short briefing before waving them away with a task to deal with some rogue assassins from officio assassinorum, 3 different assassins. One cut all contact with the imperium while on a mission against Dark Eldars, one refused to carry out his orders and went rogue, and the last one was reknown for using heretical xenos technologt. And they were all located in this city according to various sources.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Guardswoman's sidestory

This story was something I ran for the player of the Guardswoman. She was lost after continuing scounting ahead instead of following the others, she found a road and continued down the road untill she heard a tank incomming, so she hid beside the path. The tank drove but 3 chaos troopers were comming, so she made some noice and lured them into the forest. Taking down the first one was easy, but started the combat, shooting one with a shotgun, easily avoiding their lasgunfire and then chopping the last one to bits with her toxic axe.

it was so easy to take down 3 troopers alone, but I was not surprised, because before i ran this, i put her up against a daemon prince and she dealt a lot of damage to it before she was hit... with a 70% chance of dodge, it was very hard to find a proper challange, so I had other ideas.

She continued the path were the tank and troopers came from and found a drop-ship with a few troopers around it and some crates. She snuck up and took out one of the troopers in a non-quiet way, starting a full out combat, but hiding out of line of sight, lured the troopers out so she could take them as they showed themself in the only open ground area they had to cross to reach her.

she did take some damage but it was just minor, but when she entered the drop-ship, she was punched in the face and knocked unconcious with that. She barely had time to notice a giant in armour covered in dark blue and gold... a thousand sons spacemarine.

The guardswoman had a dream about a feathered creature with a beak whispering "you are mine", she tried to fight it, but nothing she did worked. except force herself to wake up, and when she did, her head was in quite a lot of pain and she found herself in a torture room and her gear in a locker by the door.

She encountered Chaos Troopers but they ordered her to follow, without really knowing why, she followed the order, but quietly prepared grenades. Everyone massed into dropships and few towards the capital of Periremunda, which also went by the name Periremunda (usually just "capital city" is used).

Quietly planning what to do, she placed a few grenades in her seat and prepared to drop on to the roofs of buildings in the capital city. She was ordered to jump, and she did without being able to resist for some strange reason, but she did control her arm, to which she drew her hot-shot pistol and shot the one giving the command with a blast to the face, before leaping.

Landing hard on the roof, she discovered that she was ignored by most of the chaos troopers and her grenades went off in the ship, making it crash into the chaos occupied beachhead they were trying to establish.

While trying to make her way out of chaos occupied area, avoiding the chaos troopers even if they ignored her, she came across a window showing her reflection and saw the mark of chaos around one of her eyes, it had been carved in and the flesh around it were still raw from the carving. Not wanting to fall to chaos, she found a fire (easy enough in a battlefield with several burning buildings), heated her knife and removed most of the visible chaos mark, not everything was removed and she was half blind on that eye due to the new injury, but it was not easy to see the mark now. Still, she needed to cover it better, so she found a helmet on a nearby dead imperial guardsman and put that on and kept her head low before headding towards imperial lined.

The imperial lines were heavily defended and under attack, approaching would get her shot, but if she helped out against a portion of the attack, she would be spotted and granted access due to her heroism, at least that was the plan.

Looting several grenades from bodies, she flanked in on a position the chaos troopers were holed up in, getting ready to fire missiles at a heavy stubber emplacement, the chaos still ignored her so she walked up to throwing range of the grenades and threw as many as she could, then charged in and killed the rest, but not getting everyone, because the last few ones were panicing and running into the field of fire for the heavy stubber.

She was granted access to the city due to the help, but redirected to the imperial base, to which she ignored as she would not be able to bring attention to herself without revealing chaos influence, so she went into the city to find someone willing to help... But what she found was worse than she had feared.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 5 part 1

After being hit by a chaos assault ship...

Guardswoman: "what kind of gear does the RT's retinue have"
GM: "lets see, they have good quality gear, missionary got a flamer and a chainsword, tech-priest got a boltgun and a chainaxe, void-master got a power sword and a boltpistol... why?"
Guardswoman: "ok, i attack the pilot for being shit, with a shot in the back of the head"
GM: "what?, are you sure you want to do that?
Guardswoman: "yes"
GM: "are you sure? really sure?"
Guardswoman: "yes, i want their gear"

So the guardswoman shot the tech-priest in the back of the head, hitting armoured plating underneath his cowl, then was surprised that it was not the void-master who piloted (I had told the player earlier but he was not paying attention). The Void-master pushed the guardswoman back to the seating area, drew his boltpistol, guardswoman drew her poisoned axe, the missionary got up with his chainsword from behind and impaled the Guardswoman with the chainsword while shouting "TRAITOR!".

The player giggled and said "I detonate all my C4"...
GM: "any of the others who want to interviene?"
they were all lower rank than the guardswoman or too intimidated by the situation, some were even knocked unconcious by the rapid falling... so the guardswoman succeeded in detonating it, and EVERYONE had to burn a fatepoint, including the RT's Retinue.

And then I made my biggest misstake I've ever done in a RT... I reverted the time back to before the guardswoman attacked and said, "you dont do that", and continued the story... because of this, we lost a lot of players and I was filled with regret, it made for a shit story, we all knew it had happened, but it did not... which means that I railroaded things back on track at the cost of story-flow.

Anyway, they crashlanded on a jungle plateau called Acereal Baterra, it was meant for a grazing area for giant creatures who would pretty much be giant feasts for nidds in terms of biomass.

After getting out and figuring out what they could do, they discovered that they needed a new part for the flyer (imagine it like a fuse), then they needed to dig the flyer out of the ground. so the PCs were tasked with finding the 1 city on the plateau and get one from there, while the RT retinue and the players who left the game, focused on digging the flyer out of the ground.

The group now consisted of the militant-slayer, the guardswoman, the battle-sister (Xanthia), the new tech-priest (galantia or something), and the cyber-psyker. they made their way through the jungle and got jumped by large cats who got agressive around psykers, quickly dealt with but provided some danger. The Guardswoman lost her backpack with C4 down in a chasm filled with what was likely giant spiders, they ignored the backpack and continued on their way. Then the psyker got angry from the ever annoying cats so he cast wither, to make all trees grow old and die, falling over, in the middle of the area they were in, causing some of them to cause enviromental danger.

The psyker and assassin got injured by this, while the others managed to avoid the falling trees, then they heard sound of something overhead, everyone got out of that place except the psyker and assassin, as they were in the middle of that area, still not bothering to run.

2 imperial flyers few over the opened area and dropped bombs, causing enough damage to force both the psyker and assassin to burn another fatepoint to survive, while the rest were just throws further into the woods.

The Psyker now learned to not do that again, and the assassin learned to stay away from the psyker, but still be able to do insane stuff, which at this point was not more than around 10.

They contiued untill they reached a area overlooking some ruins, it was getting late so taking shelter there was the best option, since it looked easily defendable. At least untill they discovered fungus, quite a lot of slimy fungus. The Guardswoman succeeded in knowing that this is what orks were made from.

After setting up a defensive position and preparing som psyker exploiting, orks attacked, they were feral orks that patrolled the area and had old guns, even for ork standards. the sister of battle placed herself in the middle of the doorway and prevented both allies and enemies from getting through, she took quite a beating but ended up holding 3/4 of the orks alone before going down (fatepoint burn) and the orks swarmed in, the psyker was impossible to hit due to a power exploit, so he wittled the orks down while the rest helped, and in the end they were victorious.

They rested up and continued the next day, and finally reached the town... however, just before they reached it, the guardswoman had been lost while scounting ahead.

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Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 4 part 2

Continuing from previous post; the group encountered James the missionary, a character I had made for a game that never happened, so instead of wasting the character, I made him into a NPC with a strange form for hatered for xenos, since there was no xenos in the group, there was no point in expanding his time in the spotlight.

The group got told that a bunch of cultists were holding down in the area below and he had been taking care of them as they tried to exit, but he had not dared to advance, so the PCs choose to advance ahead while James stayed back to make sure that noone retreated (and to put a bit of fear into the PCs as they needed to advance far enough ahead to be out of James' flamer range to avoid friendlyfire, James himself did not give a fuck).

So they advanced downstairs, taking out a few cultists and blinding themselves with rampage psyker powers... which reminds me, we had 2 psykers at this time, but none of them distinguished themselves enough for me to remember them. they continued to slay cultists up to a point where the psyker called on the warp twice and fucked things up.

First turned the gravity in a different direction for several minutes, turning a several meter long hallway into a lethal pit-fall trap.
The second summoned 3 screamer of tzeecht, which upped the combat one step further.

But other events during the combat made it interessting also, like the guardswoman rigging grenades to take out parts of the first wave of enemies (and damaging one of the psykers who forgot it was not smart to run into the blast radius.
The militant-slayer who headshotted the leader's psyker assistant and severely damaged the leader.
the Frateris militiaman who could not damage the screamers and just said "fuck it", drew his knife and charged.... righteous fury... righteous fury... righteous fury.... he slayed a daemon with a knife (in response, i gave the player a Fatepoint and let the knife become a holy weapon that did increased damage vs daemons)

When all of this was done, the leader used a psychic power but rolled so badly that he created an implotion, dragging all the bodies into a vortex, along with the gear, and everything just popped out of existance. none of the players failed their test to get dragged into the vortex, (except 1 that was saved by james at that point due to high degrees of success on his part).

there was little to investigate in the room but there was a broken elevator with a makeshift 3-man handcranked lift further down. and because Bauldrik the useless servitor was useless, they put him to rise and lower it constantly for the remainder of their stay.

At the bottom of the elevator shaft, they saw a huge mining vehicle, to which the scum stayed in for the rest of the game because he was afraid of combat. (he planned to use it but never implicated anything of the sort, so he waited too long to voice his idea)

further ahead, the group encountered a place of worship, a person staying in the middle and about 100+ cultists around the room, chanting, only dressed in robes.

the PCs were not discovered and spread therefore out along the outside of the room, then started slaying the robed players.

Several hints were given, but none became aware of the weakened vail around the place and when enough prayers were "sacrificed". 3 flamers of tzeecht appeared, and they understood that they fucked up. To proove the point, the leader in the middle drew a chainglaive with clear chaos corruption surrounding it, screamed with an shout that temorarily disrupted everyone's balance.

Being attacked by 3 flame-spewing daemons that caused friendly fire to the prayers and a chaos leader charging at them, did not change their tactics, they still attacked the prayers... Thankfully, at this time we had 2 new players joining, a Sister of Battle, and a Tech-Priest.

Slowly, the ranged people managed to take out the daemons (at least return them to the warp), while the cleric got into a short chanting competition with the demagouge leader, at least untill he got butchered by the 2handed chainglaive.

There was some close fighting between the battle sister and the guardwoman, versus the demagouge, but were victorious in the end. With nothing to really do here (no idea how to handle the chaos worship room) they set James the missionary to put everyone and everything to a fiery death, while they ate popcorn and waited for him to finish before leaving, picking up Bauldric on the way.

When they arrived outside, they picked up voxchatter "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!", seeing 'Jack by the entrance to the flyer and it was in motion, with Chimmaron behind the "wheel". There was visible signs of fighting in the skies above, and only luck would save them from reaching the hideout safely... something they all thought they had ran dangerously low on.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 4 part 1

There is a bit of confusion going about in this part as some people changed characters and we got a new group.

the new group consisted of:
- female guardsman (a bit more powerful than the rest and was starting to become problematic)
- a psyker with a cyber arm
- an assassin
- another assassion (this one was played by a problematic player, everything was ingame justifiable, but the player made no effort into co-operation)
- a Frateris militia (carrier of the butterknife of daemonslaying)
- a Tech-priest
- a Scum (hiding most of the time)
- a cleric servant

So the game started out with only the guardswoman in the hideout they had been directed to by amberly vail, the cyber-psyker and militant-slayer assassin were elsewhere in town, looking for work.
The new players were working for Lord Inquisitor Drago (Tristan Mahvorn's direct superior in the inquisition) and were asked to meet him at the hideout.

This all started going to shit as they opened the door, saw the guardswoman, the trouble-assassin drew his weapon and shot, the guardswoman threw a smoke grenade and jumped out the window. the entire group started shooting blindly and the guardswoman circled around and managed to take down the assassin but were surrounded by the rest and it had turned into a bloodbath if it had not been for the Lord inquisitor appearing at that moment.

The briefing was somewhat quick, the scum hid outside, the militant-slayer was across the street, the guardswoman and trouble-assassin was disarmed, the tech-priest was trying to fix the air condition to get rid of the smoke and the cleric served the lord inquisitor som refreshing drinks and made him feel comfortable.
the others just stuck around and asked questions during the meeting.

Their task was to go to a place called Hell's Gate and figure out why the mining operation had stopped. (it was believed that it was linked to grander schemes but the lord inquisitor did not tell them this)
It was quite simple, get there with the aid of a rogue trader's retinue ('Jack the void-master, my character from the RT game I played in locally, and Chimmaron the tech-priest, his companion and my backup character for that game). Then make their way there, check for signs, deal with it and report back to the hideout. Straight forward... or so they thought.

With the assistance of 'Jack and Chimmaron, and their flyer, they made their way to Hell's gate, a mining plateau located at the lowest plateau on the planet, surrounded by lava and volcanic rock. There was intense heat and anyone had penalties except the cleric who had resistance to heat as a natrual skill. There were some shanty-town buildings around on the outside and a plascrete building on the far side of the small plateau.

the intitial investigation turned out to prove that everyone had just up and left with no struggle, then the cleric found a small shrine to the god emperor that had been desecrated with profane symbols of chaos, marking that they were up against some sort of ruinous powers.

They did not expect any trouble in the shanty town at least not untill one guy shouted "TYRANIDDS!" and opened fire. The combat was not very difficult as there was only 3 Hormagaunts, but they were from the Deathwatch book, which put fear into the new players, turning the entire game into a very defensive focus.

They dealt with it and succeeded in knowing that the tyranidds was likely survivors from some sort of battle 2 years ago (linked to the ciaphas cain book again). When that was sorted out they headded to the plascrete building and found it without power. This part had a lot of exploration focus with a generator on the floor below that had to be fixed, power had to be moved around, there were schematics on the cogitators on the floor above, along with Bauldric the servitor, a slightly damaged combat servitor who acted on orders with 1 round delay (which proved to be quite problematic).

when they finsihed up their business here, they went below the generator room and found a long passageway with dry dust that made sound when they walked but there were clear signs of people having moved through here, and up ahead was some kind of figure with the occational glowing backlight.

The figure was James the missionary, he was burning heretics like a good ol' chap, another one of the Rogue Trader's retinue.

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 3

We had all changed from Rogue Trader to Dark Heresy now, with the exception of the insane arch-militant, who was up to around 60 insanity now... so he made an assassin, the previous ork was a psyker and the guardsman was still a guardsman. We got 2 more characters at a later stage but for now we were just 3 players + me as a GM.

The group had be set of at the spaceport on one of the plateaus of Periremunda, a world filled with plateaus and spires of various height, this one, was covered with snow and cold. If you read the Ciaphas Cain books, you will know which one I'm talking about... if you can remember it that is (called something starting with D.. not dick)

The PCs quickly realised that they were short on money and no conncetion to their dynasty, in short, they had been fired and was on a completely different world from what they were used to, not even sure where in the imperium this world was (never checked where, and have not been bothered as it was not important).
So they pooled their money and got ahold of what they needed... more weapons, dont give a shit about lodgings or food... so they were broke and left out in the snow, with powerful weapons.... ah... something i forgot to mention.

the ork disappeared and i dont remember where the psyker appeared from but I believe that he had a clue about some work and needed people, so he found the group and requested their help.
The assassin was also looking for profit, but he was on a mission, he had to assassinate a arbitor-sergeant.
The sergeant was found escorting an insane arch-militant along with 2 other arbitors, the assassin shot with his hunting rifle and hit the arch-militant in the head instead, then managed to take down the 2 arbitors with followup shots, the sergeant himself had to be taken out with melee due to being bunkered down after running for safety.

So with the group of strangers gathered and broke, they got a bounty to assassinate a noble woman who had retreated down into the sewers a few years ago and had been causing the mutants to become more agressive in some way, they were only given a image of how she looked before she retreated into the sewers.

Preparing for the mission consisted of trying to get the body of the dead insane arch-militant, but the arbitors had gotten to it for evidence and somehow all his gear was gone from the evidence locker, along with the money... it reeked of corruption (they talked to a arbitor called Frastus who was pretty much just a corrupted version of jason statham)

So, down they went, into the sewers, into the undercity, and into the sewers of the undercity. I'm sure that it was eventful but not something I remember, so they arrived at a platform, 4 meters down, looking across a square hall with a small chasm crossing the middle and 2 bridges crossing it.
They saw mutants below and another sewer tunnel on t he far side of the hall where there was sure to be more mutants comming from. The best option was to prepare grenades and ambush them to get as many kills as possible.

But then something detonated behind them and the entrance they came from had been collapsed, the guardsman recognised the sound of C4, this was deliberate, but by whom? The mutants would not have this kind of explosives.

The explotion triggered a fight against the mutants, which turned into 2 waves (3 waves was planned but it was too long). First wave was a bunch of mutants, 3 hulks and a lot of regular ones, all with different mutations that affected their combat style. This was a very interessting fight both for me as a GM and the players as they could understand the difference and importance of each enemy, but it was slow... oh man... it was DAMN slow.

the second wave was a group of winged mutants (gave them all the same mutation to speed things up), and the last wave was removed. Over the course of the fight, the assassin fell down and took quite a lot of damage, the psyker lost his hand as he was fighting a mutant with a warp-sword, and when he killed the mutant, he reached for the sword and it.. and his hand... went back into the warp, leaving the rest behind.
The guardsman was just too powerful at this stage and was completely injured as she picked off every mutant that came within the range of her shotgun or toxic axe.

At last the woman they had been fighting, appeared, she was hideous and crackling with power, but she barely had time to unleash a single spell before she started to change, into something more daemonic.
The assassin put a bullet into her head but she kept going, they were starting to panic as a daemon was about to appear in realspace... when her head vanished in a red mist and a high-powered energy pulse beam hid the wall next to the guardsman.

They recovered and picked up proof of what was left of the former noble woman and made their way towards where the beam came from, it was a maze but they spotted someone in some kind of bodysuit at every intersection, leading them somewhere, untill they found a way out of the sewers, but never got a good look at the one who killed their target. So they left the sewer behind to deliver the proof of "their" kill.

And with that, they finished the mission and had to spend their entire paycheck on getting the psyker a robotic arm, and made their way towards a hideout that inquisitor amberly vail had given to them on a note (guardsman never checked her pockets untill now)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rogue Trader - first proper game, Episode 2 part 2

Continuing from previous post, the group managed to barely controll their Eldar flyer, and only way to not die was to try to infiltrate the larger eldar ship in orbit. after docking in the eldar flagship (or whatever, i never specified the type), everyone was captured, except Amberly Vail, who had disappeared. Tristan Mahvorn was escorted away and the rest was put in cells.

Some of the eldars had heard what they had did planetside and wanted revenge, so they started taking turns beating the shit out of everyone, starting with the Guardswoman (player who swaped his tech-priest for a guardsman), however, being insanely tough and eldars being weak.. this took quite awhile and opened an oppertunity for the guardswoman to take out the guards and started rescuing the other prisoners...

One of the prisoner was an eldar with a checkered pants, whom they reluctantly rescued, in  return, almost any resistance they encountered was quickly subdued (non-lethally) by the Eldar Harlequin.

But he disappeared after the guardsman threw some smoke grenades at some point and they were forced to retreat. Shortly after, they came across a T-crossing of hallways that blasted anyone who passed by it, with lethal bolterfire.

While discussing, they saw inquisitor amberly vail approaching... followed by spacemarines. The bolter turrets were set up by the spacemarine assault team who had been dealing with the eldars in the area, Amberly had commanded them to bring everyone back to the imperium so a report could be made.

The bolter turrets was configured to allow the group through but when they piled into the assault ship... one person was missing, Tristan... and just as they were going back in to find him and the artifact (which he was holding on to), he appeared, completely intact and with the artifact. Questions were asked but none were answered.

They set off towards the imperium, with the PCs stuck in a small meetingroom, locked in along with Tristan, while amberly was dealing with the spacemarines they learned was from the Spaceshark chapter (carchadons).

Tristan was ordered to follow Amberly back to Thamar Praxis, escorted most of the way by the spacesharks, but the PCs had no business there and was set of on the nearby planet of Periremunda.

At this point, I had discussed with the players about changing the game to Dark Heresy, so the Ork disappeared and a psyker was made in its place... but this is a story for episode 3.

Rogue Trader - first proper game, Episode 2 part 1

I remember that we got a Ork in the party, but did not make himself noticed untill the end of the previous side-mission and this campaign.

At this stage, we also lost our navigator and Void-master, so we were down to the following:

- Crimson the Seneschal (aka: superwoman, indiana jones, batman and similar names)
- Crimson the Tech-priest (had and still has the highest killcount in any of my player in my games, in personal combat)
- The insane Arch-militant
- a Ork Freebooter

It all started with them being back on the ship and noticing someone important was busy talking to the Lord Captain (Tristan Mahvorn). This was Inquisitor Amberly Vail (I had been reading Ciaphas Cain lately and felt that she could be used to fit the importance of the work for anyone who also have read the books, tech-priest certainly had)

They were tasked with finding a artifact on a deathworld, not yet populated by the imperium, it was not mentioned but it was a lost Maidenworld that had changed.

So they made their way, messed quite a bit with the crewmembers of the ship (i dont remember how), and it was about to start a mutiny when the Lord captain ordered everyone planetside, including himself in order to assist the inquisitior (more due to fear than loyality for the inquisition).

While they went planetside, the ship was out of there... hence the Mahvorn Dynasty loosing it's flagship due to officers messing around on the ship one too many times. (ah, one reason for loss in morale was the insane arch-militant stealing RT Stark's grenades and rigging them to take out a lot of important features for the population on the ship)

Planetside, the dropship was damaged by some horrible driving but they made it down safely and set out through the jungle, but they were being watched. Not long after, they got into a fight with some Striking Scorpions, Melee Eldars with chainswords.

Figuring that its not a good idea to stick around in the wilds, its best to make their way to somewhere that can be easier held... however, they quickly discovered that no communication worked, it seems like absolutely no form of radio signal was possible to be transmitted, the tech-priest could not even order his Servo skull to do anything, it just bobbed after him at all times, quite unresponsive.

They made their way through the wilderness and accidentially slid into some sort of ruin pit, surrounded by eldars with shurriken catapults, a portcullis to the north and 1 eldar with a 2handed chainsword standing there, waiting for 1 of the PCs to approach.

This was originally designed for another player but the Ork approached and accepted the challange, which turned into a "real" combat, with premade attack and defence patterns, if the ork hit, he would do some damage, if the eldar hit, the ork would take damage.

The ork was victorius when he reduced the eldar to half health, and Crimson the catwoman having climbed on top of the portcullis under coverfire from the others, to open it. It was quite a fight and the tech-priest had to burn a fatepoint (he felt like the character was dead then so he did not want to continue to play but i made a deal with him about a new character and a concept i had, so he made a Dark Heresy Guardsman based on the few foot troops that the lord captain had brought with him)

The group continued to fight their way to the top of a temple (much like the one I used in the step-in-GM game), and held off eldar attacks from there while the rest explored its depts.

the insane arch-militant used his lascannon to set fire to the forest and keeping most of the eldars at bay, but the eldars were smart about it and targeted the lascannon, destroying it and separating the arch-militant from the rest of the group, at least untill they all regrouped. Tristan, Amberly and the guardsmen held the top of the temple.

Inside the temple, the group encountered eldar Wraithguards... but not regular ones, these were statues with limited function, 6 of them. and when they stepped on a spesific panel on the floor, they were shot with a modified wraith cannon, teleported into the warp, and spat out again at a random place (gaining corruption, except the ork, who gained insanity instead). They did get ahold of the artifact at the far side of the main chamber of the temple, but only after a bit of mucking about, it was apparently the source of the signal blocking, but there was nothing they could do about it, so they returned topside.

Outside, there were dead eldars, a forest on fire, and a giggling insane Arch-militant on one of the tiers below, Without a dropship to return to (in the middle of the fire), and the report that "umm, we might have started a mutiny and the ship is not in orbit anymore", the only thing they could do, was to follow the eldars to the north-east, in hope of stealing one of their ships to get off the planet.

Easier said than done, but long story short, they got a ship at the expense of the tech-priest and the insane arch-militant blowing themselves up with 12kg of C4... and only 1 did so intentionally... not the tech-priest. Fatepoints was burned and they left the planet.

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Rogue Trader - first proper game, Episode 1,5

This is for the same group as the previous post, but it was a bit of downtime and sidemissions so I could prepare the next campaign.

It started out with "TO THE PUB"... to where the psyker got attacked by a zealot not-quite-witchhunter-yet and left the group.

There was a few instances of pickpocketing and the insane arch-militant got ahold of a Las-Cannon... uh-oh

They needed something to do, so they got in contacts with the adepus arbites on port wander and was tasked to clear out a storage area of criminal gangs. The arbites were understaffed and would come in and secure the area once they have dealt with the gang.

so, how they did this was something like this: "planning planning planning, about to sneak in...[insane arch-militant] 'I SHOOT AT THE WAREHOUSE!'"

The ones who were sneaking in almost died to friendly fire, the warehouse was set ablaze and civilian prisoners inside was burned alive by the fire without being rescued.... [insane arch-militant] "oops... oh-well".

a good amount of gangers made their way out on the opposite side and the tech-priest in the group (named crimson, same as the seneschal) got about 90% of the kills with his boltgun.

After making short work of the gangers.. the warehouse... and the civilians, the lost profit factor for the destruction of property on the port and was not in good standings with adeptus arbites.

They wrapped up the rest of their business and could not pry the las-cannon from the insane one, so he kept it... for now.

Rogue Trader - first proper game, Episode 1

This could be considered my first proper game, I had just moved to a new city and managed to get ahold of a new group to play with. So we rolled up some characters and got ready to play.

The group had from what I remember:

- a NPC lord captain by the name of Tristan
(later to become one of my favourite characters and has quite an insane amout of history, but at this time, he was just a NPC i made within a few seconds to fill a role)

- a Astropath (stayed for half a session)
- a Rogue Trader by the name of Stark
- a Female Seneschal by the name of Crimson
- a void-master
- a Navigator
- a Arch-militant (a quite insane one.. as we would learn)
- then another character which i forgot what was, maybe a tech-priest

The game starts out with Lord Captain telling the new officers that their first job is to transport a regiment of imperial guardsmen to a war-world, and help them out whereever they need some assistance, but leave the direct fighting to the IG.

with the exception of shenanigans, the trip was quite uneventful, at the war-world however, they transported tropps to the ground and scanned the world for activiy. Most of the civilian population have been sendt back to 2 cities to avoid the heaviest fighting against the ork invasion that the IG was fighting against.

The RT group figured they might pay the civilians a visit, but a sandstorm sent them crashin to the ground. They made their way to town, found a few guardsmen, sent them back to repair the dropship while they looked around town, however...

Both witnessing and the report from the guardsmen was that the town was empty, there was supposed to be filled with refugees, but there was none to be seen.

After having searched the entire town, only 1 location was left, it was the mines in the outskirts of the town.
There were proof of people there, but aside from a small ambull ambush, they saw nothing untill they reached a central chamber with the refugees, they were all messing around in the hall as a wave of people.

The insane arch-militant and the Crimson the seneschal waved in between them while the others tried to see if there was anything out of order.

While 2 PCs were in amongst these refugees, Stark the Rogue trader saw that one of the refugees had a third arm and were moving towards the 2 other PCs.... and came to the realisation that they were in the middle of a Genestealer infestated population.

Some burning, some exploding, some fatepoint-burning and some cave-ins later, they discovered that Tyranidds arrived in the solar system and is about to attack the planet. but they had time.

Between the orks and the tyranidds, the imperial guard had no chance. So the task at hand was to get the guardsmen off-world and let these two forces fight eachother, so that they could return later to mop up the victor.

The other city was not infestated, at least showed no proof of it, but the main focus was the IG HQ, taking control and making everyone retreat. easier said than done and it ended up with RT Stark taking control and making sure that everyone retreated, but at a 50% casualty against the orks. They escaped in time to avoid the tyranidds... but only just.

Retreating from the war-world and making their way back to port wander filled with a somber mood, and when they arrived, RT Stark was scorted away by high-ranking members of the Imperial Guard, not to be seen again for some time (player wanted to switch to a Tech-priest, so this is how he retreated his character)

Rogue Trader - Step-in-GM

There had been a long break between daemonata and my next game, I cannot remember if I had ran anything since, but there were something like 2 years break, during this time, I mostly played in a Rogue Trader game.

There was one game with the GM of that game, ran another one, locally at my place over the summer. We were a Arch-militant, a Navigator and a Void-master (me). We had another player who manage to be busy whenever the GM was available and available whenever the GM was busy, so I was allowed to run side missions.

I believe that I ran 2 but can only remember 1 of them.

They were tasked with finding an artifact on a planet, there were 3 likely temples where they could be found, and they formed a Tri-force, the artifact was located to the south-west but the others investigated the other locations.

One contained Eldars (dont remember this part), one contained Orks, they landed with a flyer on top of the temple and fired on the orks that approached from the bottom of the temple.
Last temple was where they found the artifact, an eldar was there and told them to leave, they managed to strike a deal and leave, but as they left, the eldar screamed in pain, and they returned to find him dead with the artifact in his hands.

they grabbed the artifact by wrapping it in cloth and brought it with them, returning to port wander in order to sell it or make use of it.

... I dont remember what the last player played, maybe a tech-priest, and my voidmaster were not in this mission.

Demonata - My second game

My second game used the rules for World of Darkness, using both Mage and Werewolf in the same game, but with a setting twist, turning it into the world of Demonata. Characters starts out as regular nWoD characters without any of the templates.

I was going to make a introduction for 1 character so I had a concept, but another player jumped in at the start so I did not get a proper introduction for him (I regret this).

The game starts with 1 character waking up in his bed as a kid, his house is on fire, and the door to his room is open.

He grabs Lord Henry McSnugglepuff the 4th, his hamster, and navigate the flames to get down to the ground floor, where he could exit the kitchen window.

Outside, several men were waiting, but not expecting him to exit the window, so they started chasing him, chasing him a few blocks, to a factory, here they grabbed him as he was doubling over in pain and everything went black... he just remember som screams.

He woke up at the other end of town, covered in blood and rags, with a man standing over him.
This was a professor who knew what had happened to him, if he would work as the prossor's assistant, he would be taught how to take control... over what?.. his turning to a werewolf.

Wolfie was not the only one working for the professor, there was another kid working for him also, and they were both taught a lot of different things, much relating to the supernatural but no spesifics or how to counteract them, just knowledge about ancient lore and legends and how they were dealt with in the past.

When they grew up, they both became professors in their own rights, and did some sidework as occult investigators.

during one of their investigations, they found a strange artifact on the body of a cultist of sort that tried to attack them, doing research on the cultist and the artifact lead them to an outlying farm as a location where events had happened in the past, some resent, some in the distant past.

When they arrived, it felt deserted, there was no light or sign of people there, spooky.

When professor wolf and the other one got up to the barn, some kind of shockwave was emitted from it... it had no impact on professor wolf but it did on the other professor, it sent him flying backwards, and when he got up, arcane energy seemed to be crackling around him.

they opened the barn to see what was there, and they found a giant scorpion with a snake for a tail... it was fight-time.

The fight had some details but to cut it short, they defeated it, however, one problem during the fight caused Professor mage to leave and professor wolf to not want to play solo.

what happened was that the wolfie spent some time choosing what to do, so i let the mage prepare his action, he rolled to his the snake-head with an arcane infused piece of nailed plank, to which he succeeded, but the attack could not be carried out untill wolfie had finished his.

So wolfie did his thing and caused the snake-head to be out of reach, so i asked the mage if he wanted to reroll (apparently he did not hear this, dont know why, maybe distracted), he said no and the hit location then would be one of the heavily carapaced pincers of the scorpion, negating his attack...

Professor mage left because of this, his attack was for the snake head, not anything else, so there was a ragequit and the game collapsed shortly after, before we even got to the part where more people could join (we did not even find anyone anyway).

Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 3

In this session, a new player joined us, by new, i do mean Catalina , who made a character during the character creation session. In addit...