Friday, 29 August 2014

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 5 part 2

When the group finally reached the city, they saw tanks rolling in and surrounded the city, which was more a village. They started firing at the city from all directions, leaving themselves open to ambush from behind, at least from a small group of people.

While the group planned how to deal with this, a flyer had crashed elsewhere in the jungle, everyone was dead except Marv the metallical untouchable gunslinger, and Pontius the Administratum Clerk.
They scavaged whatever they could from the dropship before heading towards the city, one of the things they scavaged was the part that the other group needed for repairing their dropship.

When they arrived in sight of the city, they saw the tanks and some people opening one of the tanks and dropping grenades into it. So they followed suit, running down to one, opening the hatch, Marv diving head first into the tank while Pontius holding on to his legs. While hanging upside down in the tank, the pointed both his pistols in opposite direction and blasted everyone in the tank. Then both the adept and gunslinger took control over the tank and started to blast at the other tanks.

In short order, the group took out 4 tanks and some approaching ground troops before the enemy tanks managed to respond, the group got their tanks damaged and were running out in the open before being mopped out. Everyone was reduced to below -10 on critical wounds except the assassin, so they burned fatepoints (some were down to 0 fatepoints now, and most started with a lot).

They woke up outside the area, proped up against trees with the assassin tending to them and his own injures. The town was in complete ruins but there was hope, Pontius had the item they needed, so they could return to the dropship.

After spending some time to rest, they traveled back, with only one encounter on the way. The group crossed a area filled with Brainleaves, Marv was struck but managed to remove the thorn before he became a slave, and the psyker reluctantly cast the wither power, which killed the brainleaves instantly.

Then they reached the drop-ship several hour later and everyone helped out getting it operational. When they were ready to leave, they discussed how to reach the capital safely, and they came up with the idea to fly low, close to the lava to avoid most of the fighting, then fly back up when they approached the capital...this idea worked flawlessly (I also wanted to give them a break from crashing drop-ships... to which the players were mindblown about).

When they reached the capital, they were set off on the roofs of a merchant quarter while the rest (the ones that left the group earlier, continued to travel with the Retinue and joined up with the Rogue Trader Dynasty of Lord Captain Victris... which is not a very long game but it is a different story that I can cover later.

The group managed to send a message to the Lord inquisitor and was sent to a different inquisitor working closely with the imperial guard. That inquisitor held a short briefing before waving them away with a task to deal with some rogue assassins from officio assassinorum, 3 different assassins. One cut all contact with the imperium while on a mission against Dark Eldars, one refused to carry out his orders and went rogue, and the last one was reknown for using heretical xenos technologt. And they were all located in this city according to various sources.

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