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Dark Heresy: RT Victris' new employees - episode 1

After having joined the RT's retinue from Periremunda, the group traveled to orbit to join the crew there while the chaos invasion raged, the lord captain did not want to put his ship in line of fire, so they were out of there.

The group consisted of the following players:
- Arbitor who kept shouting "I AM THE LAW" and wielded the trunchen called "STOP RESISTING!"
- a frateris militia who wielded the butterknife of daemon slaying
- a tech-priest who made a lot of sound when he walked
- a psyker who kept blinding teammembers with mental flashbang powers
- a cleric servant
- a scum who kept hiding everywhere
- a assassin, played by a person who took everything personal

the NPCs in the session was:
- Lord Captain Victris who was obsessed with technology to the degree that a seneschal had to do his normal job while he messed around with that.
- a seneschal who was supposed to be someone called George Gibbs, but my lore did not match up so he was changed to another one who i forgot the name of.
- 'Jack the voidmaster
- Chimmaron the tech-priest
- Mc..something, a arch-militant who walked around with just carapace pants and nothing else, and 2 powerfists.
- Vyn the Reaver, a insane sadist who loved explotions, shotguns and to terrify people with her psyker powers, but she was possessed by a warp spirit that was the voice of reason.
- James the missionary
- and maybe some more, but those were the ones I remember.

The very first thing that happened in this campaign was that the arbitor shouted "ARE THERE ANY  CRIMINALS HERE"... noone moved... "I AM THE LAW!"... 1 person tried to run... "STOP RESISTING!" the arbitor drew his STOP RESISTING! and chased after him, catching him and started beating him while shouting the weapon's name. the person who ran whimpered and screamed "but i have not done anything, i was just afraid"... the arbitor got an identity crisis, put the man in a closed and said "stay there"... several hours later.. he was still there, when i talk to the player online several years later, i just say "jupp, he is still there like he was told to"

I don't remember how, but tention was rising between the frateris milita and the arbitor, so the MC... something, the muscle, stepped between them, grabbed both and dragged them to some sort of arena, the militia managed to tear himself away but not the arbitor. So the arbitor was thrown in the ring, the muscle walked over to some machine and removed both his powerfists with it, then jumped into the pit.

This looked like it was going to be an unfair fight when the arbitor drew his judgeslayer... but it was magnetically pulled to the floor. so it was fists or non-metal weapons only, the result spoke for itself with the arbitor taking a beating, but the muscle accepted the tenacity of the arbitor and let him leave, the milita was punished differently, but i forgot how, i think he got STOP RESISTING!-ed

So the group arrived and made themselves comfortable, no task was required of them but they had some money to spend, so they went to the underdeck to spend it. Everything went pretty much ok, some challanges with negotiating with merchants, interacting with people and the people interacting with eachother... untill they encountered a slender sickly  man in robes, stalking towards them, the cleric  wanted to help but ended up being attacked, so they killed the  man and saw that he had spesific mutations that marked him as a Hullgast, the people around said that they  came from deeper in the underdeck, to a place called the black deck.

They ventured in and found several areas that was designed with security in mind, it could only provided cover from one direction and had plenty of chokeholds and places to retreat back to. There was a few mutants to take down, so they continued down the black deck, butchering things on the way, untill they reached  a large square hole with some kind of opened seal above it, in order to close it, they needed several round of manipulating a valve to lower it, sealing the hole. Meanwhile, Hullgasts were climbing out of the hole.

This was carried out through combat and nothing special happened due to the players having the upper hand with grenades and flamers. Nothing really happened, not even damage, untill they got back out and sealed the blastdoors to the black deck, when the assassin got shot by a high caliber bullet. But it had been shot from afar and lost most of its stopping power, and the armour absorbed the rest.

They discovered a few buildings with the correct distance and height to be the likely place the bullet was fired from, so they spent way too long reaching the building and investigating it that the shooter would be long gone, they would even have passed him as they ignored anyone exiting the building.

So they investigated various rooms, some contained poor people, barely managing to get by with minimal living conditions and living several in one room, some was completely empty or ruined, and some had their walls removed to create a larger flat by combining 2 or 3 flats. But in the end, they found the correct room. a drawer was placed next to the window, with a sniper rifle on it. The tech-priest scanned (meaning he looked,  not used a scanner) the room and the drawer to make sure there was no trap, and found nothing (failed test), so everyone freaked out, running away when the tech-priest said "I dont see anyting". All except the assassin, a sniper  rifle was just WAY too good to pass up on. so he grabbed it and the others said  "LEG IT!"... nothing happened... except  lots of meta gaming.

Recovering from their confusion, they gathered up again when the assassin felt that he was being watched,  he looked around and saw a guy with blond hair on some stairs leading to the market up above, he pointed his hands like a pistol and did a "bang, got you"... the assassin was having non of this, brought   up his new sniper rifle, aimed, and fired... the scope exploded and took out the assassins eye and knocked him to the ground.

When he got back up, the blond haired man was gone, but not wanting to give up, because the assassin was out for revenge, he sweared to ruin any plan I as a GM had in store for him, so he chased after, getting to the next floor, seeing 3 ways he could have gone, into the market, down a passageway or up another floor. He picked correctly and went into the market, only succeeding the awareness with 1 degree, he spotted the jacket that the blond guy was wearing lying on the stall  of a merchant.

Pulling his gun, he threatened the merchant, who had no idea, indicating that someone had left it there, but the assassin did not believe him and executed the merchant, causing complete chaos.

Meanwhile, just behind the assassin, was the blond guy, talking to a merchant about a hat he was going to buy while listening to the assassin, it was amusing untill shots were fired, so he paid and left, whisteling.

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