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Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 7

The Redemptionist was punished for his failure in his task and after dealing with his punishment, he was assigned to another sister, but this was a lower rank sister (first one was a bolter bitch from BoM, while this was a sister sororitas from inquisitor's handbook, the powerlevel was a clear difference)

When they finished the trouble they had gotten themselves in and leaving Xanthia's body in the care of the canoness' care, they went to report to the inquisitor. But upon arrival, they saw him being struck down by a man, covered in dark paint & bodysuit and a sword that was clearly of xeno craftmanship (dark eldar mandrake blade), before vanishing, no matter how hard the players searched, they did not manage to beat the assassin's skills at erasing his tracks.

So the group were stuck in periremunda for the time, and the chaos invasion that were ongoing have limited their access to support. The lord inquisitor was unreachable as the autority needed had been transfered to the now dead inquisitor.

So they followed their contacts and tried to get help from the detective. But upon arrival, they found the house locked and no light, noone answered, so they broke in, finding the body on the floor above, dead, cut by some sort of blade, similar to the inquisitor... the hunters had now become hunted.

Marv was looking over the body while the rest were downstairs, when he was hit by some sort of metal piece, it did not do damage, but it forced him hard to the ground as if the gravity had increased ten-fold. He saw someone outside the window and managed to shout. Everyone sprang into action and managed to chase away the person on the outside, he had climbed up on the roof.

the psyker thought it was a good idea to wall-walk up to the roof, next to the window, but the untouchable Marv stuck his head out and asked "hey! whatcha doing?"... fall damage prevented the psyker from doing it again, and their target ran away (it was one of the assassins who did not like to use lethal weaponry or takedowns and refused to carry out his orders, hence the graviton gun. But now he suspected Marv to be the one to have killed his friend the detective)

With no more clues, except the detective last traces, they needed some higher power to help them, and the only one with that kind of power that they knew, was the planetary govenor. It would be difficult, but it was the only hope they had.

So they went there, climbing over the wall, taking downt he security quickly and entred the building, fighting some more security, found a library with a few chaos tomes amongs a lot of regular tomes. They continued untill they found an elevator.

Player 1: "I press floor 69"
Player 2: "I hope it's not Olga"... then proceeded to make catcalls to noone spesificly
GM: "the elevator door opens and you see a S&M scene, and a lady who cleary could fit the name Olga, saying 'ah, new playthings'"

the group managed to get the elevator door closed before olga got in reach and they traveled up to the 100th floor (yes, large building). here they saw a hallway with 2 doors on the side and a large double door at the end. When they opened the side doors, there was just a concrete wall behind them (fallout bunker referance). And when they opened the doors ahead, they saw something.

Before the Periremunda campaign with them working for a new inquisitor, like 10 sessions ago, they had a dream about them encountering a lightning throwing psyker, a elite stormtrooper and a flying adept... they died in that dream.

The group saw the same room as in their dream, and they were up against the following... The guardswoman, standing at the top of the stairs with a scoped hot-shot lasgun, The biotic psyker on the opposite side of the room, and a daemon host flying in the middle, ready to unleash damnation at the PCs.

Now.. this fight was quite memorable because a few things, but round for round explanation will not do, so I'll cover the main actions that were taken. As a GM, I had removed distort vision from the spell list completely, noone was allowed to use it untill i figured out a way to balance it, which is why they died easily in the dream, but here.

The PCs fanned out, spent grenades from cover to destroy the enemy's cover, got into melee with some of them and tried to use a lot of tactics. At some point, the psyker rolled Perils of the warp twice in 1 turn, and what happened was: "summon daemon"... a flamer of tzeentch, "gravity distortion". and the combination of this was that a daemon appeared out from the body of the psyker, killing him (no faithpoints left and was an NPC), gravity was reversed;
Daemon: "huh?"
And it fell down, dealing just enough damage to kill it and return it to the warp.

the entire table bursted out laughing at that, the scary scene was now turned into comical relief... so I wanted to finish it quickly. Marv ran up to the guardswoman in melee, using his untouchable trait to eliminate the daemonic influence on her, but at the same time it reduced her brain to mush, and she died from it. the daemon host could not do much except take the damage as he was pelted with righteous fury.

And with that, they mopped up everything, got the gear that the characters had, went into the govenor's office (oh, the daemon host was the new govenor) and found several pieces of proof of his plans to take over the world and that it could be used to counteract the invasion. they also found a few interessting pieces to use themselves and some money to make it worth it.

On the way back out they was met by a arbitor investigator along with several troops. They were contained but after some smooth talk, they got away but was indirectly employed by the investigator for dealing with planetary safety... which would be the start of the next, and last episode that I would be able to run for this group.

The aftermath of their actions;
- the assassins left the world
- the lord inquisitor let the PCs work for the temporary head of periremunda and make sure that taint was removed and order could be settled.
- the chaos invasion was mopped up, there was several stragler was still on the planet but it was more a time issue to be dealt with rather than a threat.
- several loose ends of the story had yet to be dealt with but some time was left open so the PCs could do solo missions over Skype or Steam to deal with those.

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