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Dark Heresy: What is this? I don't remember this... - episode 2? part 1

There might have been a lot of other games but i can only remember this campaign as it was linked to some of my lore.

The group consisted of the following:
- the battle-sister who died heroicly, which now played a cleric (regular one, male)
- the sororitas  from the previous session, who was down to 0 fatepoints
- a Tech-priest, the previous character I think died to the plague bearer, but could be wrong, the player's characters had a tendency to die in my game for strange reasons.
- a.. psyker? yes, a psyker, the one played by the irony-player

I think this was the group, might have been 1-2 more people, but I do not remember them.

Anyway,   they were on their way back to the inquisitor after finishing a job, when they were sent off course by a warpstorm and ended in a new system. The captain of the ship saw that in front of them was a huge dustcloud. The captain figured that they might hide there untill they knew that the area was safe... this was a misstake,  as the dustcloud was hiding a starship graveyard and the ship crashed straight into that.

the session started with the sororitas on the ground in her room, with total darkness around her, she had no idea what had happened so the best option was to find a way out, but she brought her book... it was a good book.

Out in the hallway, it was also darkness, but sound of electicity could be hard from the right, so she touched the wall and walked left. there was a corner and more electricity, so she felt around for any passageways and fond a room. some sparks gave off enough light to reveal a broken wall to the next room that could be used to bypass the hazard in the hallway.

Once through, sound could be heard from a nearby room, she figured it was the library and the cleric was there, he was on the inside and not strong enough to lift the door away, but the combined effort allowed them to join up. So they continued like this an picked up several PCs on their way, like the psyker in the cantina, stuck while trying to climb out of a hole he had partly fallen into, he was hanging on for his dear life while something below was trying to jump and grab his legs.

After rescuing the psyker, they did get some help when the psyker used the power of heat vision, allowing them to see other people. They found the Tech-priest thanks to this, and he was stuck,  upside down in the ceiling, cutting him down would mean falldamage unless they did something about that, but they did not care.

After getting the entire group back togeather, they tried to figure out where they were, but only 1 person had a flashlight and the tech-priest had a makeshift one. So they continued slowly untill  they reached an area where they could continue to explore (they came from the north), to the south through a small passage, through the south-west through some blastdoors, or up a ladder to the east, then follow a walkway to a passage to the south-east.

They choose the ladder, climbing in complete darkness without anyone to shine a light (the psyker had the proper  one and never wanted to help anyone,  so that was out, and the tech-priest's had a makeshift that would fall apart at any second). so they sent everyone except the tech-priest up first since he could fix the light if it was broken. So they all made it up safely, but the tech-priest fell and took  a lot of damage from repeated falls, so instead of burning a fatepoint on being reduced to below 0 health, he stayed behind in the darkness while the others continued on.

They continued along the passage and found another ladder, but this time, only the best climber was sent up to figure out what was up  there. And it was some kind of exterior viewport... most of what they saw was dust particles, but soon they realised that beyond that  lied another ship, the letters along the side spelled "Los pENETRADAS", and looked as their ship had hit its side and penetraded its hull. One passage could be seen about 1 or 2 floors down and seems to lead the "new" ship.

After gathering up, they had a plan to see if there was anyone left on the ship, find some sort of log showing what happened (characters knew but players did not, I refused to tell them so they only got vague information). They continued and and found various paths but most demanded a lot of work and one path led to a maintenance shaft, this could take them a lot of places, so best shot was there.

Crawling through the shaft was easy enough, but they spotted something moving around in a large chamber from one of the viewports, it was about the size of a human and crawling on all four, so likely something dangerous... better keep quiet and crawl further.

... Sorry at this point I got a brainfart, so better split the story in two and continue on later with a new post.

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