Friday, 29 August 2014

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Guardswoman's sidestory

This story was something I ran for the player of the Guardswoman. She was lost after continuing scounting ahead instead of following the others, she found a road and continued down the road untill she heard a tank incomming, so she hid beside the path. The tank drove but 3 chaos troopers were comming, so she made some noice and lured them into the forest. Taking down the first one was easy, but started the combat, shooting one with a shotgun, easily avoiding their lasgunfire and then chopping the last one to bits with her toxic axe.

it was so easy to take down 3 troopers alone, but I was not surprised, because before i ran this, i put her up against a daemon prince and she dealt a lot of damage to it before she was hit... with a 70% chance of dodge, it was very hard to find a proper challange, so I had other ideas.

She continued the path were the tank and troopers came from and found a drop-ship with a few troopers around it and some crates. She snuck up and took out one of the troopers in a non-quiet way, starting a full out combat, but hiding out of line of sight, lured the troopers out so she could take them as they showed themself in the only open ground area they had to cross to reach her.

she did take some damage but it was just minor, but when she entered the drop-ship, she was punched in the face and knocked unconcious with that. She barely had time to notice a giant in armour covered in dark blue and gold... a thousand sons spacemarine.

The guardswoman had a dream about a feathered creature with a beak whispering "you are mine", she tried to fight it, but nothing she did worked. except force herself to wake up, and when she did, her head was in quite a lot of pain and she found herself in a torture room and her gear in a locker by the door.

She encountered Chaos Troopers but they ordered her to follow, without really knowing why, she followed the order, but quietly prepared grenades. Everyone massed into dropships and few towards the capital of Periremunda, which also went by the name Periremunda (usually just "capital city" is used).

Quietly planning what to do, she placed a few grenades in her seat and prepared to drop on to the roofs of buildings in the capital city. She was ordered to jump, and she did without being able to resist for some strange reason, but she did control her arm, to which she drew her hot-shot pistol and shot the one giving the command with a blast to the face, before leaping.

Landing hard on the roof, she discovered that she was ignored by most of the chaos troopers and her grenades went off in the ship, making it crash into the chaos occupied beachhead they were trying to establish.

While trying to make her way out of chaos occupied area, avoiding the chaos troopers even if they ignored her, she came across a window showing her reflection and saw the mark of chaos around one of her eyes, it had been carved in and the flesh around it were still raw from the carving. Not wanting to fall to chaos, she found a fire (easy enough in a battlefield with several burning buildings), heated her knife and removed most of the visible chaos mark, not everything was removed and she was half blind on that eye due to the new injury, but it was not easy to see the mark now. Still, she needed to cover it better, so she found a helmet on a nearby dead imperial guardsman and put that on and kept her head low before headding towards imperial lined.

The imperial lines were heavily defended and under attack, approaching would get her shot, but if she helped out against a portion of the attack, she would be spotted and granted access due to her heroism, at least that was the plan.

Looting several grenades from bodies, she flanked in on a position the chaos troopers were holed up in, getting ready to fire missiles at a heavy stubber emplacement, the chaos still ignored her so she walked up to throwing range of the grenades and threw as many as she could, then charged in and killed the rest, but not getting everyone, because the last few ones were panicing and running into the field of fire for the heavy stubber.

She was granted access to the city due to the help, but redirected to the imperial base, to which she ignored as she would not be able to bring attention to herself without revealing chaos influence, so she went into the city to find someone willing to help... But what she found was worse than she had feared.

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