Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 4 part 2

Continuing from previous post; the group encountered James the missionary, a character I had made for a game that never happened, so instead of wasting the character, I made him into a NPC with a strange form for hatered for xenos, since there was no xenos in the group, there was no point in expanding his time in the spotlight.

The group got told that a bunch of cultists were holding down in the area below and he had been taking care of them as they tried to exit, but he had not dared to advance, so the PCs choose to advance ahead while James stayed back to make sure that noone retreated (and to put a bit of fear into the PCs as they needed to advance far enough ahead to be out of James' flamer range to avoid friendlyfire, James himself did not give a fuck).

So they advanced downstairs, taking out a few cultists and blinding themselves with rampage psyker powers... which reminds me, we had 2 psykers at this time, but none of them distinguished themselves enough for me to remember them. they continued to slay cultists up to a point where the psyker called on the warp twice and fucked things up.

First turned the gravity in a different direction for several minutes, turning a several meter long hallway into a lethal pit-fall trap.
The second summoned 3 screamer of tzeecht, which upped the combat one step further.

But other events during the combat made it interessting also, like the guardswoman rigging grenades to take out parts of the first wave of enemies (and damaging one of the psykers who forgot it was not smart to run into the blast radius.
The militant-slayer who headshotted the leader's psyker assistant and severely damaged the leader.
the Frateris militiaman who could not damage the screamers and just said "fuck it", drew his knife and charged.... righteous fury... righteous fury... righteous fury.... he slayed a daemon with a knife (in response, i gave the player a Fatepoint and let the knife become a holy weapon that did increased damage vs daemons)

When all of this was done, the leader used a psychic power but rolled so badly that he created an implotion, dragging all the bodies into a vortex, along with the gear, and everything just popped out of existance. none of the players failed their test to get dragged into the vortex, (except 1 that was saved by james at that point due to high degrees of success on his part).

there was little to investigate in the room but there was a broken elevator with a makeshift 3-man handcranked lift further down. and because Bauldrik the useless servitor was useless, they put him to rise and lower it constantly for the remainder of their stay.

At the bottom of the elevator shaft, they saw a huge mining vehicle, to which the scum stayed in for the rest of the game because he was afraid of combat. (he planned to use it but never implicated anything of the sort, so he waited too long to voice his idea)

further ahead, the group encountered a place of worship, a person staying in the middle and about 100+ cultists around the room, chanting, only dressed in robes.

the PCs were not discovered and spread therefore out along the outside of the room, then started slaying the robed players.

Several hints were given, but none became aware of the weakened vail around the place and when enough prayers were "sacrificed". 3 flamers of tzeecht appeared, and they understood that they fucked up. To proove the point, the leader in the middle drew a chainglaive with clear chaos corruption surrounding it, screamed with an shout that temorarily disrupted everyone's balance.

Being attacked by 3 flame-spewing daemons that caused friendly fire to the prayers and a chaos leader charging at them, did not change their tactics, they still attacked the prayers... Thankfully, at this time we had 2 new players joining, a Sister of Battle, and a Tech-Priest.

Slowly, the ranged people managed to take out the daemons (at least return them to the warp), while the cleric got into a short chanting competition with the demagouge leader, at least untill he got butchered by the 2handed chainglaive.

There was some close fighting between the battle sister and the guardwoman, versus the demagouge, but were victorious in the end. With nothing to really do here (no idea how to handle the chaos worship room) they set James the missionary to put everyone and everything to a fiery death, while they ate popcorn and waited for him to finish before leaving, picking up Bauldric on the way.

When they arrived outside, they picked up voxchatter "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!", seeing 'Jack by the entrance to the flyer and it was in motion, with Chimmaron behind the "wheel". There was visible signs of fighting in the skies above, and only luck would save them from reaching the hideout safely... something they all thought they had ran dangerously low on.

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