Friday, 29 August 2014

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 5 part 1

After being hit by a chaos assault ship...

Guardswoman: "what kind of gear does the RT's retinue have"
GM: "lets see, they have good quality gear, missionary got a flamer and a chainsword, tech-priest got a boltgun and a chainaxe, void-master got a power sword and a boltpistol... why?"
Guardswoman: "ok, i attack the pilot for being shit, with a shot in the back of the head"
GM: "what?, are you sure you want to do that?
Guardswoman: "yes"
GM: "are you sure? really sure?"
Guardswoman: "yes, i want their gear"

So the guardswoman shot the tech-priest in the back of the head, hitting armoured plating underneath his cowl, then was surprised that it was not the void-master who piloted (I had told the player earlier but he was not paying attention). The Void-master pushed the guardswoman back to the seating area, drew his boltpistol, guardswoman drew her poisoned axe, the missionary got up with his chainsword from behind and impaled the Guardswoman with the chainsword while shouting "TRAITOR!".

The player giggled and said "I detonate all my C4"...
GM: "any of the others who want to interviene?"
they were all lower rank than the guardswoman or too intimidated by the situation, some were even knocked unconcious by the rapid falling... so the guardswoman succeeded in detonating it, and EVERYONE had to burn a fatepoint, including the RT's Retinue.

And then I made my biggest misstake I've ever done in a RT... I reverted the time back to before the guardswoman attacked and said, "you dont do that", and continued the story... because of this, we lost a lot of players and I was filled with regret, it made for a shit story, we all knew it had happened, but it did not... which means that I railroaded things back on track at the cost of story-flow.

Anyway, they crashlanded on a jungle plateau called Acereal Baterra, it was meant for a grazing area for giant creatures who would pretty much be giant feasts for nidds in terms of biomass.

After getting out and figuring out what they could do, they discovered that they needed a new part for the flyer (imagine it like a fuse), then they needed to dig the flyer out of the ground. so the PCs were tasked with finding the 1 city on the plateau and get one from there, while the RT retinue and the players who left the game, focused on digging the flyer out of the ground.

The group now consisted of the militant-slayer, the guardswoman, the battle-sister (Xanthia), the new tech-priest (galantia or something), and the cyber-psyker. they made their way through the jungle and got jumped by large cats who got agressive around psykers, quickly dealt with but provided some danger. The Guardswoman lost her backpack with C4 down in a chasm filled with what was likely giant spiders, they ignored the backpack and continued on their way. Then the psyker got angry from the ever annoying cats so he cast wither, to make all trees grow old and die, falling over, in the middle of the area they were in, causing some of them to cause enviromental danger.

The psyker and assassin got injured by this, while the others managed to avoid the falling trees, then they heard sound of something overhead, everyone got out of that place except the psyker and assassin, as they were in the middle of that area, still not bothering to run.

2 imperial flyers few over the opened area and dropped bombs, causing enough damage to force both the psyker and assassin to burn another fatepoint to survive, while the rest were just throws further into the woods.

The Psyker now learned to not do that again, and the assassin learned to stay away from the psyker, but still be able to do insane stuff, which at this point was not more than around 10.

They contiued untill they reached a area overlooking some ruins, it was getting late so taking shelter there was the best option, since it looked easily defendable. At least untill they discovered fungus, quite a lot of slimy fungus. The Guardswoman succeeded in knowing that this is what orks were made from.

After setting up a defensive position and preparing som psyker exploiting, orks attacked, they were feral orks that patrolled the area and had old guns, even for ork standards. the sister of battle placed herself in the middle of the doorway and prevented both allies and enemies from getting through, she took quite a beating but ended up holding 3/4 of the orks alone before going down (fatepoint burn) and the orks swarmed in, the psyker was impossible to hit due to a power exploit, so he wittled the orks down while the rest helped, and in the end they were victorious.

They rested up and continued the next day, and finally reached the town... however, just before they reached it, the guardswoman had been lost while scounting ahead.

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