Friday, 29 August 2014

Campaigns I have not ran yet: episode 1

This episode was about Olga Ravaora, the Govenor's Daughter.

The group was supposed to arrive and search a beachworld they had been tasked to hold, it was quite a pradise but it was not colonised, so there was just guard outposts. Finding her would be difficult without going through the Imperial Guard HQ, which could be a campaign in itself.

But they would be getting to the right camp in the end and discover that she was out on a patrol, some time would be spent finding her, then some time unsuccessfully convincing her, she would finish her patrol then come back to camp, they could talk there. if the PCs follow or go back, it would make no difference except maybe som improvised encounters.

During the night at the camp, they would discover some light out at sea, some blue-ish light (could not say green as that would spoil things). So Olga and her team was tasked with going out there and figuring out what it was, the PCs were invited to join to see the importance of the IG's work, but they would not set out untill its daytime.

That morning, they got supplies and figured that instead of more watercrafts, they got meltaweapons shipped... damn munitorum, always making misstakes... but saying so would be heresy.

They set out towards where the light was seen the evening before and found the sea to be perfectly still. at least untill a geysir erupted about 500 meters away from them, then another about 20 meter closer... then it repeated, comming towards them in a terrifying speed before stopping about 60 meters away from them.

A couple of seconds quiet was all they got before a large thing erupted out of the water and arched over them, drenching them with water. The thing was HUGE and metallic, and it started to sink several boats by bodyslamming them or fireing large sickly green coloured energy beams at them.... yes, they were now up against a Necron Tomb Guardian.

Most of what was left of the campaign was unplanned or had to be improvised based on the PCs reaction, but I had given them the means to fight back in ways of a misstake made by the administratum. so... players... if I ever run this campaign... good luck.

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