Friday, 29 August 2014

Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 8 - Last episode

Ok, this is the last game i ran for this storyline, it had been a good run, and I thought it would continue, but sadly, it had to end after this. It was not meant to be more than a small sidemission before a interessting campaign I had planned, but things was not quite what it seemed.

So the group started out with the investigator asking them to travel offworld to find the next heir to the govenor who was slayed by an assassin (the mandrake-trained assassin), a woman named Olga Ravaora (last name was changed to not be affiliated with her father's role as planetary govenor). So they were about to engage in a campaign I called "the Govenor's Daughter".

She was a sergeant in a imperial guard regiment (the group from my first only war game might remember her as this was her). She was loyal to the imperial guard and her squad to no end, so it was going to be troublesome to get her to come back, but maybe easier to get her superiors to order her back due to the imperial guard might have good of having their own in a position of power that owed them loyality.

For this mission, we were Marv the blank gunslinger, Modesty blaze the arbitor (i had forgotten her, she was the assassin during most of the other games, i forgot when he changed character, but lets ignore that for now), there was the sororitas, a new psyker, a rogue this time, and the tech-priest.

The group traveled with a nobility ship that had lots of festivities, I had spent a lot of time to make subtle hints of people where that would be NPCs for upcomming sessions, amongst them, a noble with a scar under his left eye and a cyber foot that had a integrated boltgun in it.

For most of the trip, Modesty the arbitor spent her time sleeping and sleepwaking to take a piss, no idea why so don't ask, the player just sat by a corner of the table, giggling to himself. (I wonder if i found my players in a mental asylum, but naa, they all had their moments).

The psyker was smoking weed and checking out the ladies, he managed to lure 3 of them into his room, but the ladies started a catfight so he ran out, got a guard and lured him inside saying that there was ladies there wanting someone to play with. So the psyker waited untill it was calmed down, but remembered that his staff was inside the room, so he went back to it, saw that one of the ladies was in the corner, shaking, one lady sitting on the guard's face, holding him down, and the last lady sitting by his waist and brought down a knife while screaming words of an incomprehensible language... the psyker closed the door... thought about it, opened the door... there stood a daemonette.... "oh fuck"

The psyker slammed the door shut and started running, further downt he other direction, the arbitor sleepwalked further in the opposite direction of where he was running. The daemonette crushed the door and chased after the psyker.

Meanwhile in the tech-priest was struggling in the armoury, wanting his weapons back, finally after getting it, he saw... Bauldric?!, he had been modified and picked apart anything he got his hands on, so Bauldric took the tech-priests weapon and picked it apart... just as the psyker ran in shouting "DAEMON!".

Everyone dived for cover, the daemonette entered, and Bauldric beat her to a pulp... they had no idea what was going on and everything was an accident combined with the delayed responses, leaving everyone confused... except bauldric, he picked apart another gun and played this song:

Link to Bauldric the musicbot

a few more things happened, but this session was somewhat vague exept what had been mentioned and some players being elsewhere and a warpstorm being involved. Anyway, they would end up at their destination next session if it had not been for something causing an end to out group. I think it was a summer vecation or winter vecation...

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