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Dark Heresy - first proper game, Episode 6

Their first idea was to visit one lead they had, a detective that left the arbites a few years ago and still keeps up to date with various conspiracies within the city, so they paid him a visit. It was easy enough as he was a regular in most areas but he was called a nutjob and most avoided him.

They knocked on the door, he opened, Marv put a foot in the door and demanded to be let it, the detective responded by shooting Marv in the foot with a Judgeslayer handcannon.

So they tried again, excusing Marv's actions and asked to talk to him about some assassins that have been around town. The detective was willing as long as Marv stayed outside. So they all had a little chat which did not turn up any real clues but some suspicious activities underneath the ministorum district, and they learned a bit of history about the planetary govenor.

The former govenor was said to be holding a ball, lost of festivities, he was walking around talking to various people when he suddenly fell to pieces, like someone had stopped time, chopped him into pieces, disappeared and returned time to normal. It caused quite the disturbance and a new govenor was quickly put in place to take control over the situation. The entire thing sounded really suspicious to the detective, but he did not have the authority to get access to the scene or suspects that the arbites had. So he had to go by rumors and news sources, which could not be trusted entirely.

However, there was something outside, so they chased after it, with the psyker throwing spells in all directions before causing several blocks wide blackout. When it returned to normal, their target was gone, and a new person appeared and seemed to attack the psyker. They easily took him out and Xanthia searched the body to figure out who it was.

It was a witchhunter, tasked with putting down the psyker who had strayed from his path and deemed too dangerous to let live. Filled with righteous fury, Xanthia got up, turned around and shot the psyker... but the bullet went straight through the psyker. (distort vision power), she felt a solid punch to her back (rock hands power), the psyker appeared behind her, and appeared again instantly somewhere else (distort vision). The sister kept fighting but the bullet never hit, and she ended up going down from repeated damage from a "invisible" target. So when the sister burned a fatepoint to survive, the psyker ran away.

During the recovery time from the event, the sister was blamed for incompenance and appointed a redemptionist to look after her (the player of the psyker changed character).

The group went back to the inquisitor they were now serving and tried to come up with a plan, but they had nothing, so Galatia the tech-priest came up with the idea "lets go around town and loudly ask anyone if they had seen the assassins"... and since noone thought this was a bad idea, it was what they did.

One thing left to another, and they found themselves chasing a suspect into the sewers, but discovered that it was the suspect was....
Player: "A YU-GI-OH! PLAYER"
GM:... "ummm.. ok, he is a yu-gi-oh! player"

So after Marv had utterly defeated him in yu-gi-oh!, they learned that there was activites in the sewers of the undercity. And thus they got a new lead and traveled down to the undercity.

They saw that everyone in the area was poor and most had some sort of minor mutation, so they slayed some for being heretic, because being poor and having mutations was heresy and punishable by death according to the PCs (I tried to appeal to them that their lives are shit and do not deserve this, but they did not give a shit).... But they needed directions, so while standing in the open, knowing that they were watched from the shadows, Xanthia the battlesister shouted "I got money, anyone want money!?"... and they found themselves swarmed by poor weak people, normally not a problem, but the sheer amount of people forced them into a retreat, with the sister badly injured and agreeing that it was a bad idea. So they retreated deeper into the underhive with no clue about where they were headding, except away from the mob of beggars and mutants.

They reached the sewers (I had used a map that i cant find at the time im writing this), they did some exploring untill they discovered that there was something in the sewers with them, something was crawling along the floor and walls, so they went into overwatch in various directions and was ready for anything... except...

From above Xanthia the battlesister, a Loxatl mercenary lowered its shotgun-like weapon and blasted it point blank at her head from above, reducing her to -1 (removed helmet critical), then the combat started, the loxatl reacted first and shot again, killing her (fatepoint burning), I dont remember how but there was an explotion that caused the loxatl and the sister of battle to fall through the floor into a sewer tunnel blow and disappearing. The sister was rescued by some survivors in the tunnel.

The rest of the group fended of the loxatl mercenaries easily due to their weapons having longer range and was able to weaken anyone before they got into range, making them easy picking from there, before they were found by survivors in the tunnels and escorted to their hideout.

They got some time to rest and recuperate before being asked by their leader, a man with a energy rifle of sorts (Tau Pulserifle, noone knew what this was, and even understood the hint at the energy beam that hint the noble woman so many sessions ago).

The group gathered to be ready to fight their way out of the sewers along with the survivors, and they promised information in return, seeing that they needed to fight their way out anyway, it was better to go along with the idea than get the information immediatly.

So they made a stand against the loxatl mercenaries, the fight started easily enough, but there was several waves and Xanthia was brought down to loosing her last fatepoint... instead of loosing it to survive, she spent it to die heroicly.

Xanthia got her arm blown off, loosing the boltpistol, filled with righteous rage against the xenos heatens, she stepped into the middle of them, using her other hand to kill several with deliberate swings with her chainswords, but there were too many, they piled on top of her as she seemed to glow with increasing radience. There was only a pile of slimy loxatle bodies on top of the battlesister as she seemed to explode, a wave of holy energy seemed to fill the area, turning all  the loxatl mercenaries to dust, but it seems to also turn one of the survivors into dust also, for no apparent reason. (but the Players assumed chaos corrupted)
When the blast stopped, they saw the sister kneeling down with the chainsword stuck in the ground and her face weeping blood. Galatia the tech-priest saw that within the armor, the rest of the body was just a skeleton, only her face was normal, but frozen like a statue. So they figured that they should carry her back to the Ecclesiarchy temple.

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