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Dark Heresy: What is this? I don't remember this... - episode 1

At some point, I had rewritten the starting classes you could  play in Dark heresy to make them all seem more balanced, still have the noted but I came across some noted for a game I called "it all comes togeather", which meant that I planned to bring several different games togeather to wrap things up,  but beside the premade campaign I ran, I don't remember what happened, It might be combined with a few other games so I'll run with this for now.

The group consisted of a sororitas... and thats all I remember.. why is this story so vague?

Anyway, the players were redirected by their inquisitor to head to a new location, the mines in the premade campaign, it was pretty straight forward, they got planetside and interacted with the first NPCs, looked around when a player said "lets skip this, lets just get on with the story". So we skipped ahead to the meeting with an commissar in control of the area, or at least the situation at hand. They were informed of the trouble at the mines and that they were closed due to loosing too many men inside. The PCs had the authority to investigate so they could visit the quartermaster to get some gear they needed and then be on their way towards the mine, the commissar would meet them there.

So they got their gear and headded to the mines, it was straight forward as one of the players just said "ye ye, lets get on with it"... so I did. They got inside the  mines and were closed in and had to rely on their equipment to navigate the mines to where the last squad was seen. Which was a bit troublesome, up to the point that the player who was impatient said "well, if you had just given us time to explore the camp and the  area, would would have known about this or gotten the gear from it"... I'm pretty sure that I was not the only one who saw the irony in what he said, but he  did not so I had to explain that "someone wanted to move the story on so we skipped that part, I would have let you go around and find this stuff if you did not just push on"... the player fell silent after that.

They arrived at the entrance of the area that the last squad went missing, there was a heavy door with several lasgun burnmarks around it, so they proceeded slowly, but the air inside caused fatigue due to the stench, so they retreated back and figured that  they should hurry instead. ok, in and to the right... fight against a mutant guardsman... back out... ok lets skip to the end... and they ignored most of the encounters and ran to the end where they saw some orange light of sorts. some sort of crystal was eradiating power and a partly manifested Plague bearer was guarding it.

The fight was quite intense for starting characters,  but it was doable as it was designed for it, but  i had to remove the reinforcements he got due to them charging ahead isntead of dealing with it. However, one of the  players discovered that if he shot the crystal, it seems to be  damaged, so they threw several grenades at it untill it broke, sending a wave of warp powers into the area and drawing the plague bearer back to the warp...  however, everyone had roll to resist mutation.

Everyone except the sororitas succeeded. So the nun had tentacles spewing out of her belly... yes some tentacle jokes were made but we quickly shifted focus when she said that she cut them off  with her sword... causing her to bleed, the others tried to stop it, but she bled out (fatepoint burn), or not, but they tried to heal her critical wounds (failed and caused bleeding), so they tried  to stop the bleeding again but failed (fatepoint burn), now that she was stabilised one player wanted to heal again when the sororitas  player said  "oh no you dont, i have no faithpoints  left now thanks to you, stay away"..  which was a smart idea as  we testrolled and got a 100...

This is all I remember from this episode, im sure there was some game in between but I know that this group is more recent that I had expected, so would have to go back to cover other games, like more Rogue Trader campaigns. But got to finish this one first.

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