Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Edge of the Empire: The City of Nabat - Episode 3

With Packetstorm's typical "the gamers" introduction to the group, they set down in the city of nabat in Ryloth. Here Bas'ura Ban, the twi'lek they captured directed them through tunnels and passageways into the city's underground... which would be the regular city as it was mainly underground anyway.

They had some time to do some shopping with Trex' money before arriving at a indiscrete building with a metal door. Ban knocked, said some code phrases, and was let in. The group were directed to some seats while Ban talked to another twi'lek in secret.

When they were done, they were told that their ship could be repaired if they helped out with some problems, rescuing Ban, while they are thankful, could only go so far, so if they help get some of their operations back up and running, they would waive the fee for the repairs and refueling.

The PCs agreed to this and were directed to the new meen mines, but not before spending the evening in nabat. Which was not a very good idea as Arali'una choose to stay at the ship, but figured she would go out drinking instead, leaving the ship unlocked.

Trex, was rescued by a gand and some thugs, but the players would not know about this untill the next morning.

So, the group set out towards new meen mines on some borrowed speeders.

This is an old draft, i had lying around for a long time and never finished, so im posting the incomplete version to at least get parts of it out there.

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