Thursday, 16 October 2014

Campaign idea 2: Only War - Last Chancers

This campaign is not really detailed but have a basic concept of it.

This was meant for my Rogue Trader group but the game stopped so it was put on ice.

The group owed a favour to colonel schaeffer, an unspecified favour but it gave him total authority over their ship and its crew, including the players.

When this favour was called in, there were to travel to undred undred teef to stop a warboss, rather, there was several warbosses.

Colonel Schaeffer have gotten rumors about a fighting pit on one of the planets where warbosses fight to pick a leader for the next waaagh!, this rumor was gotten through a former ork freebooter called Grimstuff, and his pet warphead. If the waaagh! was started at this time, Grimstuff could not carry out his cunning plans (not gone into details but there is a history here that is not quite written)

so the group was to travel to the pit and assassinate the winning warboss and reignite the fighting amongst themselves so the status quo could be maintained.

the group had colonel schaeffer, Kage, a few last chancers and the players. I had planned for this to be a only war campaign with premade characters, so lots of characters was already made (one of each career in the OW core book)

Then they travel to the section of space, get into 3 flyers and fly down to the planet from afar, without fuel to return (it must be scavaged downt here or brought (danger of blowing up the landers if they are shot down)). Then they must avoid a planet full of orks, make their way into various installation and scavage explosives and whatever they need to take out the warbosses. and actually carry out the mission.

Further than this i have not gotten, but after Shadows of More Doors was released,
the concept of warbosses could be worked out like that, with Grimstuff and the warphead being 2 of the orks that could be promoted to Waaagh! and take it in a different direction or keep the orks busy for the moment.

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