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Dark Heresy 2nd Edition: Do you got what it takes - Chapter 0 - Kade the IG Scout - part 2

My regiment had apparently been picked for some sort of inquisitorial training, we were supposed to do some trials to test our capabilities alongside several civilians. We stood at attention most of the time, it was not as easy around the infectious sway of the others in the crowd. Sarge said that we should just do what we are told and stay on the lookout for anything important, so thats what we did.

We got some basic information about our tasks, but I have a feeling that it was left vague on purpose, kinda like every day in the guard, but still a little different. We were forced to store our ranged weapons in some transport crates and mark them with what I later learned to be bloodlock trackers.

Then we found ourselves inside a small transport with about 30 people, it was kinda claustrophobic, but being from a hiveworld and living in the guard, pretty much made us immune to this. "Kade!, you are good with people, have a look around and see what you can pick up" Sarge said, "Yes Sir" I responded and started walking around the transport.

I saw an arbite and a noble playing regicide, it was a close match, but it reminded me too much about a recent fight againt seccessionists and how we were victorious at a devastating cost, Our regiment barely survived thanks to fresh recruits being sent our way. I noticed a IG medic by the food tables, trying to avoid a obese priest, I did not want to talk to the medic yet, she was not from my regiment and feral worlders tend to be a little aggressive, I would rather wait and see how she reacts to other people first. A guy in a black bodyglove tried to get into a conversation with me but I could not understand his accent at all, so he gave up and went elsewhere, something told me that this guy was dangerous, so better leave him alone. After getting a good look at the other people around the transport, I started having a chat with a few of them and picked up that the sisters sororitas was trying to make sense of our situation. While I did not get personally involved It looked to me that one of the Militants and the famulous was right on top of things.

After a few hours of interacting with people, the tension in the transport started to shift, me and Lilla, a Sin-Eater that I sorta gotten to know, had picked up some rumors that the majority of the people in the container, or the ones that could fight at least, was wondering if it was an all out battle between all of us to figure out which one was best suited to join the inquisition. The rumor originated from one of the sister militants and it was getting serious, Lilla had no sway over the criminals so she kept to herself, I on the other hand had to report to the sergeant.

"Alright men, stick togeather, if there is a fight, we will take down the biggest threats and work from there, do not pick targets you cannot fight, let them destroy themselves first" Sarge said, he was expecting this and had to make the best of the situation, I felt that it was the right approach but would prefere to not be involved in a fight, any sort of battle here would be devastating, which was the point i guess, but what if a fight was not the goal of this task?

Tension was extremely high but the sister famulous was desperatly trying to keep things under control, when the medic by the food tables made some comments that kicked the tension back into overdrive. We were only a split second away from a fight, when the Sister Militant, Xania by name, shouted an order so loud that even Sarge jumped to attention. We were still unsure but in order to get control over the situation we were told to stay in our little groups and make reports to the scribes we had with us, we were going to tell them everything we had picked up so far so that they could make sense of it. It was better to act on information than out of desperation.

The timer on the wall was counting down but we kept our heads low and reported what we knew to the scribes, there was still tension in the air but Sarge gave us strict orders to not interact with anyone outside out group. Thankfully he overlooked my quiet whispers to Lilla, seeing that she was not part of any group.

When the timer hit zero, we all looked at it with anticipation for seconds that felt like hours, and it changed from blinking "00:00:00:00" to "Get to the Middle Hive", and then it was replaced with "Survive".

The door opened and we saw where we were, in the depts of a underhive.

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