Monday, 16 June 2014

Current Games:

Current Games: Rogue Trader, Shadowrun 5th & SW: Edge of the Empire.

I'm currently running or starting up a few games soon, and thought I should make a blog to write a little about them and maybe games I want to run.

Star Wars - Edge of the Empire:
This game is in its 3rd campaign, where the first started with escaping Teemo the Hutt as a part of the beginner's set, and the second campaign ended with the party being blown out into space with a series of failed tests on a optional horror adventure I had barely planned. This time, its starting fresh with the group finding a holocron containing some sort of star map, which seems to be sending them to 10 locations around the outer rim and beyond it.

Shadowrun 5th:
Starting up 19th of june, the group will parttake in a campaign I've named "Dragonfire". The group is a bunch of shadowrunners that have worked togeather before and done 3 missions togeather which is left vague to allow for their characters to tie into their background and going forth after these 3 is difficult, there are no jobs for them to do so they had better find a fixer, and depending on which one they find, they will impact where the story is headding.

Rogue Trader:
This is a local game I run for a few buddies in my home town, starting the 29th of june, the dynasty set out on an crusade into the halo stars, taking a lot of their resouces with them. When the Lord Captain did not return, the dynasty started to fall in on itself and few people were capable of taking over the role as the head of the dynasty, however, far out in the line of succession is one person who can take over the role (potentional player, if not, and NPC). There is one ship left and a few scattered operations belonging to the house, however, the ship is running with a skeleton crew and the group must find more crew and officers to supervise them.

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