Friday, 20 June 2014

Making premade campaigns

Making premade campaigns

I do have a lot of games that could be reused, and the more I use these campaign, the more I think it would be a good idea to create a premade campaign for it.

My most successfull proper game (i got one that was silly and was more successfull but not really what could fit as a premade), is a game for dark heresy where a group of acolytes investigate what seems to be a canibal cult but finds themselves against a threat that puts the very world at risk.

Another game is one i use too often to not make into a premade, its for rogue trader and its about the group tasked to deal with some pirates but find eldars have gotten there before them and in order to pull the mission off they would have to resort to a difficult spaceship battle or try to stop the eldars form accomplishing what they are doing inside the pirate vessel.

I've also gone over all the campaigns ive ran before and collected notes, with this I should be able to create a few games with more details than my usual games. The only problem is the dedication and motivation it takes to accomplish this.

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