Wednesday, 18 June 2014

[Meta] Priorities

[Meta] Priorities

Without going into details about it, games tends to fall apart after awhile unless participants are dedicated to the game. And to be dedicated, the priorities needs to be sorted out.

Every participant in every game should make a list over what they want to prioritise in order to figure out what they can make time for, if there is no time left for RPs, there is no point in joining a game as it will just cause more frustration for other players and GMs, but they might also be willing to help out in order to get the game to fit for as many people as possible because the more the better... to a limit.

To show an example, I thought I should list my priorities:

First priority: Work
If I'm working, I cannot make time for other things, but I don't work 24 hours a day.

Second priority: RPs
I'm a dedicated GM, even if I sometimes do have problems with the motivation module not loading, so I try to make the most of my downtime to plan for future campaigns and games. I have to admit that seeing players not being as dedicated as me is a slight irritation but that is my own fault not anyone else, however, I'm happy when I do encounter someone who is or at least show noticable dedication. I can run up to 3 games a week at max but juggling that amount takes some serious dedication, and so forth, I've not had any trouble with that.

Third priority: Rest
If this weren't here I would be spending all my free time on RPs, having 1 day break between RPs gives enough time to recover and do some basic planning for the next campaign. Longterm campaigns takes about a full week to plan properly, but does not have to be planned as often as these long term games lasts for several weeks at least.

Fourth Priority: Workout
I'm chubby and I need to do some anti-chubby activities about 2 times a week at least, the more the better, but this is the one im struggling the most with in terms of time management.

Fifth priority: Social activities
most of my RPs are social activites, but because of the preparation for it, and it might not fit for others, a fallback option is good to have, so sometimes I play boardgames with friends. Lately I've noticed that I need to be more social or else I feel like a Sims character who has everything exept someone to talk to. (online does not count)

last priority: Videogames & Books
I do get inspiration for various sources and I have ways of relaxing, videogames and books is how I do this, but it is not covered under rest because this priority is for playing games for that reason alone, like getting a new game i really want to play. I will make time for it, and the more I want to play it, the faster i get all the other priorities out of the way in order to make time.

So I hope that other people are capable of making this sort of priority list to see if the can make time for RPs or not, because lets face it, being busy and trying to casually play RPs... will not work.

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