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Dark Heresy: Ok, maybe I do remember this - episode 4

The group had some time to recover and get some reward before they were given a new task. Some time ago, Grimstuff the Ork mekboy had wandered around the other spacehulks, looking for parts to use for a project of his, but during this time, he had activated the ships engines and sent the ship crashing into a nearby planet. The ship ratings of the Lost have found documentations showing that the ship had a lot of similarities and plenty of the parts could be used to repair damaged parts of the end of time, the plasma cores in particular. So the PCs were given the order to go planetside, find the ship and recover the parts for the plasma cores if possible, even if it was damaged, it could possible be repaired so it would be worth a look.

The PCs were given a flyer which had been recovered not too long ago, and a long range vox. The flyer had an assigned pilot, they were dropped off and then it would return to the End of time and wait for their signal to be picked up.

So the group set out, but not before being notified that the spook psyker had died to his injures and the cleric had informed the group that one of the redemptionists from the chapel was willing to help their cause.

So they set out, the planet was a forest world, causing it to be difficult to land, so first they attempted to land near the ship... oh shit, it was surrounded by an ork base... fly away quickly. Instead, they settled on landing in a clearing a distance away, so they could sneak into the ship under cover of the darkness.

Walking through the forest was not that difficult but a few difficulties were encountered anyway. First they were attacked by some sort of scaled lizard-panter, then they came to a lake, they could go around but they thought that more of the beasts were stalking them so they tried to pass a cliffside along the lake that would be the shortest route, however, they all failed, in turn falling into the water, and the last ones being attacked by another beast, and willingly jumping into the water.

There was some horrible failing with swimming tests, causing the cleric and the ego psyker to burn a fatepoint, maybe even the redemptionist. As they burned the points, a giant lake-monster (crocodile-like fish) tried to nom them, but got ahold of the rope with them hanging on each side of the mouth of this massive creature. It emerged from below the surface, the rope snapped and sent 2 of the PCs flying towards the shore, with the last person (who did not burn fatepoint afterall) walking along the lake-floor, towards the shore while holding his breath (this was due to a very heavy armour)

This reminds me, I should mention the landing, they did land on a pentagon shaped platform, which prooved to be a tomb of sorts with lots of mastercrafter ceremonial weapons, only the cleric used these, and with the psyker completely ignorant, did not notice that these items were cursed with the souls of the dead. While the weapons and armour (1 set + a few pieces) were designed for shorter than normal humanoids, noone knew if this was aliens, abhumans or humans that came here from a high-gravity planet, they were all short anyway.
During the trip towards the lake, they encountered the stalking beast, but they also encountered a hostile warp-ghost, the redemptionist managed to take it out but they had suffered a lot due to its attack.

Now, back to the lake shore:
They could not continue with everyone being so injured and tired, so they had to set up camp, far away from the lake and the crocodile-fish as possible. With double watch, they managed to get at least some rest, giving the ones who were hurt the most, the better part of the night. In the morning, they were all woken up by a warp-fart... that is to say that the player who played the ego-psyker had found another exploit in his psychic powers, healing everyone up to full health in a matter of seconds with no difficulty. (So i had to put limitations on the power, it worked like it should in combat, but out of combat, due to the adrenaline not being as present as during combat, things went slower, so instead of fully healing someone in 18 seconds, it took  5 minutes per wound, 15 minutes per critical wound).

So with all of them back to full health and nothing bad except the warp-fart, they continued on their way. After a little while, they came across one of these stalking beasts, trapped in a primitive hunter's trap. They heard more sound and hid. An ork appeared, watched the stalker for a bit before stepping in and skewering it with a spear. Once the ork made sure the beast was dead, it was cut down and thrown over the shoulder.

At this point, one of the players made himself be noticed... that is to say that the Redemptionist stepped in with his chainsword, ready for a fight. The ork however, ignored him and went on his way, leaving the group shocked... "what? an ork that refuse a fight? what is going on?"

They followed the ork to learn this, and passed by a field of plants that released spores every now and then, all of them failed to spot this or resist its effect and since that point was affected by something called Tranquil, a drug that severely reduces the hostility within certain creatures (not the stalking beasts).

When they saw the camp, they saw an ork guard sleeping outside, the ork trappa carrying his prey inside, the ship was quite visible within the ork base. One of the players snuk up to a low wall and looked inside, orks were walking around doing anything and everything, then a gretchin spotted the PC.

There was a staredown for a little while before the PC waved to the gretchin... to which the gretchin waved back and went on his way.... wow strange, much confusion.

Having learned that the orks was not hostile, they all walked in the main gates, the sleeping guard barely noticing them before going back to sleep. The orks saw them but ignored them, so the PCs just strolled up to the main entrance, where they met a ork with a staff and robes... "Aaah, starwalkas. come! Grimstuff waits" the robed ork said before walking to what usually is the engineering deck on the spaceship.

Grimstuff? the ork that worked for the los pENETRADAS? ok, they were getting somewhere, the ork had worked with humans before, maybe they could talk to him about it, he was a mekboy too, he should know a lot about this sort of thing.

So they followed the robed ork to a workshop, there was a lot of metal contraptions in the area, but they saw no ork... "Boss, umies ar ere"... at the voice of the robed ork, one of the large contraptions turned around... a killa kan, "I am Grimstuff, Wot do u umies want?"... the PCs explained their situations and had a discussion with Grimstuff and the Warphead.

They learned that the ship had been broken in two, the part they were looking for lies to the east, Grimstuff assigned one of the ork trappas to their group to guide them past an area that had a LOT of traps, and they would surely be trapped if they did not have a guide.

They also learned about the tranquil, the plant that reduced the hostility in most species, the orks are affected to it but if they feel pain, they are right back to their normal behavious (players were clearly shocked by this, they had planned to attack the orks while they were all dosile, this put a stop to this plan).

The wraphead had explained that Grimstuff was leading them, plotting and planning to set out into the void on his own Waaagh!, but they were still a long way from doing so yet, but the tranquil seems to help a lot due to reducing the infighting between the orks, with only Grimstuff being immune to its effect due to his Killa Kan.

The few PCs who originally served the inquisition (ego-psyker and the sororitas), felt that this is something that should be stopped, but they had no power here, they must return to the inquisition to report... well, at least the sororitas felt like that, I doubt the ego-psyker had the same opinion.

Anyway, they went on their way, easily enough found their way to the other half of the starship with the help of the ork guide, but the guide left when they came into view of the ship as he had no other purpose and he had showed them the way to get back.

So there they stood, outside the entrance of the ship ready to enter... when the ego-psyker said "I'm gonna heal everyone again" (as some had taken some minor damage from traps that the guide had forgotten about).

GM: ok, roll
Player: I rolled a 9... no fatepoints, dammit, ok roll my phenomena
GM: rolls... 100
Player: shit, oh well, havent happened anything bad to me yet so it cant be bad, only the spook-psyker got the bad stuff.
GM: rolls.... 100

The entire table went quiet, the part on the perils of the warp was that the Psyker died instantly, not allowed to burn fatepoints, and a daemon would be in its place. and as the player had min-maxed everything he could, I as a GM was sure that any daemon that would appear in his place, would be powerful enough to cause a TPK.

So we stopped the session here so I could think about it.

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