Sunday, 7 September 2014

Iron Kingdoms: I'm a fool to not remember more - Episode 5: quick final summary

I only have sporadic memories of the rest of the game from this point, as Blaze the bloody and Spike the crushed was working with me in order to take over as GM. I was leaving the town and a new GM had to step in, so I spend the last 3 months or so, training/helping him to become a GM.

a few things happened since, including continuing into the new GM's game, so lets see if i can get some of the details down:

Solomon got captured by the fraternal order and blamed for the damage to the town, and suspected of being linked to the attack, so the player made a new character, a Stormknight, who I dont think played in my game.

I made a new character, a Iosan seeker / cutthroat on a mission to recover artifacts relating to scyrrah,

Everyone died at least once but Ichabod survived the long run.

The new GM ran us through a few quick missions:
- talk to a administrative noble suspected of corruption
- investigate a pirate den
- do some general business around town

and then I had to leave, the story continued but I was not there to learn what was going on about it.

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