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Dark Heresy: Ok, maybe I do remember this - episode 5 - last episode

Ok, we were at the potentional final showdown and I had plans for wrapping up the campaign for some reason (I think I was going to have my final exam and then get ready to move to wales for a year).

For this session, 2 players could not make it, the Psyker who would die, and the cleric. I had felt bad for killing the psyker and trying to figure out how a new person could join up, but since he was not there, it made it easier. However, while we were playing in a hobby store and the one that closed down for the evening were not in out game (yes we stayed after closing time tanks to an arrangement), I asked if he would like to join our last session, he said no, but stood in the door to listen to the start of our session, which went something like this:

GM: "So you see this large shade emerging from the Psyker, threatening to rip its way through"....
Store-keep: "ok, im in, who do I play?"

We all laughed at that, then we discussed what we could do to accomodate for him, which really just boiled down to playing 1 out of 2 secret characters i had prepared, playing the ork trappa who felt bad and wanted to help them afterall... or play the cleric, he went for the cleric.

So the daemon was ripping its way through the materium and the group was preparing to fight, when the psyker's body fell limp and the shadow exploded in a shockwave of dispersed warp energy.

The cleric was thrown into a tree, hit his head hard and the first thing he said when he came to was "who am I?"

The rest recovered to see the dead psyker and a man standing at the enterance of the spaceship, he had the mark of the inquisition on him. The group recovered as fast as they could, while making sure that the cleric believed he was named something that had to do with tits (forgot the word we used). The Inquisitor made a quick introduction, saying that he was an interrogator (not a full fledged inquisitor) and he needed their help, while completely ignored the dead psyker. Noone knew how he stopped the daemon, and the only one who would have an idea was now dead, they still had a bad feeling about it.

The interrogator was George Gibbs, while he did not say how he arrived where he was, he did say that he survived in stasis for an undetermined time. Now he needed the help of several people and equipment in order to save his brother, Henry Gibbs, who was still on the ship.

The group explained that they needed something from the plasma generators and George said he would point them the way if they helped rescue his brother, which they agreed to.

So they went through the ship to a heavy storage room with several seals around it and a LOT of rubble in front of it, they cleared this away with George watching, then they opened the door (it was not locked), inside, they saw a man chained to the wall of a square room, with lots of occult runes covering every surface of the room. The man looked completely normal but looked asleep.

George stood outside and pointed at a spesific rune that did not look much different form the  rest "erase that rune". The PC did not ask questions and removed this, and with that, George stepped inside and erased 3 more, leaving the rest. Then he walked over to his brother and started taking off the chains while talking to him, and just quickly informing the PCs of the directions to the plasma generator.

The PCs felt annoyed that they did not get much more help but they made their way towards the generator, encountering a lot of obstruction along the way, having to go a long way around. When they arrived in the generator room, they heard their vox activating along with their microbeads. With a distorted voice, someone said "we have gotten what we came for, awaiting pickup"... The PCs finally understood that if George got to the ship, they would be left there, he did not seem like someone who cared about them, so they got on their vox and said "ignore last message, someone is trying to steal the flyer"... the voice of George Gibbs became clear on the vox now "You are dead!".

The PCs had yet to get the part, so the sororitas franticly tried to get it along with the cleric while the redemptionist took up cover position waiting for them to come. At first they heard nothing, then they started to hear sounds of bolts exploding, George had apparently no patience for going the long way around and hence blasted his way through the blockades, which would take longer. So they had a plan, once they had the part, they would take the long way back, and avoid George and his brother.

This would not be the case, as they came up behind them, instead of ignoring them, they took the chance to ambush them. throwing a flash bang, the cleric not understanding how it worked and ran in at the same time instead of waiting for the flash (blinding himself... this was on purpose, and it was funny, but dangerous), the rest took cover and started fighting George, which proved to be a radical psyker, using insanity and corruption invoking powers along with a powersword and boltpistol. While his brother was floating in the air, chains still attached to him and using telekinesis powers. Every cut that was inflicted on Henry revealed that something more terrifying was lurking below his skin. The Players had at this point already figured out that they were up against a daemon host.

The battle reduced everyone to critical wounds but at last the Redemptionist used a power called Martyr, which dealt a LOT of damage to psykers and daemons, sending the daemon in the host back to the warp while destroying the body, and impaling George on the chainsword... however, George had a displacementfield which caused a lot of trouble in the fight, it activated this time, teleporting both him and the redemptionist into the warp, to where they were both unprotected from the influences that exist in the warp.

This is a potentional plot hook that I have yet to use for my games, and have yet to find a good place to use it, so maybe we will see a return of George in some... other.... form...

Anyway, the rest of the group who survived, including the sororitas... who lost all her fatepoints at the very first session, had survived all this time... it was quite the feat, but I dont remember doing anything about it, as it got late and we needed to finish the game.

So we wrapped up, the PCs being rescued, learning that while they were gone, eldars had visited the ship and was somehow helping out restoring Lord Captain Tristan to full health (with a few internal cybernetic), Tristan then had a chat with the eldars in private, before informing the PCs and Navigator Gary Carbona that he was leaving, taking one of the few still working warp-capable ships in the graveyard and setting course for Thamar Praxis. Since the PCs had distinguesed themselves in service, he invited them to join him as acolytes (Tristan had readily revealed his inquisitor badge, and everyone seems to already know this but still called him lord captain).

When the PCs asked what they were going to do at Thamar Praxis, the HQ of the inquisition, Tristan answered. "we are going to steal an artifact from right under the high lord inquisitor's nose"

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