Saturday, 13 September 2014

Edge of the Empire: Modified arm of the Hutt - Episode 2

The PCs took off from landing bay Aurek, and was quickly detected by several tie fighters, since the HMRI was not installed yet, they had a fight on their hands.

So with Bucket and Arali'una working to fix the HMRI, Hannash at the helm, and It & Alex at the gunnery stations, they engaged the tie fighters.

It was expected to be a close fight, but the inexperienced Alex had some incredible luck, treating the space combat like a ground fight, and due to the tie fighters's lack of experience, it was more than enough to just lead the shots and take down the tie fighters. It managed to get some himeself but the majority was taken down by Alex.

As soon as Arali'una had fixed the HMRI, they set off with lightspeed, out of Tatooine's system.

Several lights appeared in the display and it was a clear indication that something was wrong, After dropping out of hyperspace, they set to work, figuring out what this was all about.

There was a strench in the ship, it was distracting for most but It had a stronger sense and was even more agitated than the others for some strange reason. There was also some horrible sound comming for some of the speakers in the cockpit, and 2 lights was flashing. All of this was in trandosian language, which none of the PCs knew.

Alex and It tried to find the source of the stench, and set out to explore the ship, while hannash and Arali'una tried to figure out what the signs ment. First light was fuel, there was pretty sure about that, and it was pretty low, no way they could fly anywhere with this small amount. The second light looked like some sort of cage, which could indicate prisoner? Arali'una went to team up with Alex and It for that part. Hannash would stay and struggle with what was later known as trandosian opera being played on the speakers.

The source of the stench was a hidden cargo hold which contained 4 wookie pelts, no wonder It was agitated, so they threw it out the airlock. While the area where prisoners was kept, they found one Twi'lek with a scorched Lekku, and another cage with some kind of marked shell inside it.

They never figured out what the genosian (or however it was spelled) shell was, and it did not come into play for the rest of the game. However, the Twi'lek was more interessting, after being let out of the cage and given water, he told the PCs about how he was captured, that he was from the planet Ryloth. As a thanks for being rescued, he offered to find a way to get their ship repaired.

Trex was put in the Twi'lek's cage and they set out to explore the rest of the ship.
Alex found a holochess and challanged the twi'lek to a game while they waited.
The others found a small repair shop with a droid in it, a quick repair brought it back up.

The droid introduced itself as Packetstorm, a new player has joined the game.

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