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Edge of the Empire: Escape from Mos Shuuta - Episode 1

I guess it's time for a new game now, this one is a bit fresher in memory as I ran it over the course of last year and maybe a bit at the beginning of this year.

The group was highly varied in terms of people but we had some core players in this game, and the players were as follows:

It: the Wookie explorer scout
Hannash Randar: the human smuggler pilot
Arali`una: the twi'lek colonist doctor
Alex: the human bounty hunting assassin
Packetstorm: the droid slicer technician
John De Griz: the human outlaw technician (would be joining later in the campaign)
Vuko Vandap: the Rodian Exploring fringer (would be joining later in the campaign)
Virani: the Twi'lek Colonist doctor (would be joining later in the campaign)
Mordus: the human smuggling scoundrel (would be joining a lot later in the campaign)
Cynewolf Mozo: the human hired gun "no-mercy-nary" (would be joining a lot later in the campaign)
Voron Moorheart: the human outlaw technician (would be joining later in the campaign)
Jar'o: the chiss technician mech (would be joining later in the campaign)

They were running through the intense heat of Tatooine as a group of Teemo the hutt's gammorrean thugs were after them, seeking shelter within the local cantina, they would be able to avoid the scorching sun but it would only provide a small window that they could use to catch a break.

They had to find somewhere to hide, quickly.
- It sat down with a group of people trying to fit in,
- Alex did so too but none of them did it well and their cover would not work, but they had no more time.
- Arali'una ran up to a twi'lek dancing at the back of the cantina and asked if she could hide her, after a successful charm check, Arali'una was let in backstage (where she found a disguise kit).
- Hannash Randar sat down with a different group of people and managed to stay hidden.
- Packetstorm hid in a storage closet behind the bar.

When the gammorrean entered, they saw the wookie and the laminate armoured bounty hunter easily enough and started to move towards them.

The fight was done quickly enough... well, not THAT quickly, but the group survived without causing too much collateral damage or taking too many woulds, the gammorean however.

After the fight was over, the devaronian bartender approached them and told them that he heard about someone pissing off teemo, he figured that it was the PCs, so he dropped the hints that there was a spaceship in landing bay Aurek at the moment, but it was lacking a Hyper Matter Reactor Igniter (HMRI), that there was likely one at the junkshop, and that the ship was owned by a bounty hunter named Trex. After telling the PCs this, he said "now, get out of my cantina".

The junkyard was easily enough to find, it was just to follow the edge of the large scrapyard to a low pourstone building. Inside a man dozily notices then, then kicks a old R5 droid and snaps "you are supposed to tell me when we have customers, you rusted bucket of bolts."

The shopkeep Vorn turns to the players and says "welcome, what'cha buying", while the droid surly boops out into the scrapyard to do salvage work.

The PCs asks about the HMRI and learns that Trex is expecting it, and yes he got one, they fail to convince Vorn that they are there to deliver it to him and does have a lot of problems with haggling the price down. Meanwhile, the wookie walks out into the scrapyard (or sneaks rather, surprisingly enough for a wookie), find the droid and plays on his motivation for droid rights. He tells the droids that they are going to steal the ship and need the part, if he helps them, he can get a free ride, joining the ship. The droid accepts and would be known as Bucket, the ships minor-repair droid (any PC is considered to have at least 1 rank in mechanics as long as Bucket helps them, people who already have mechanics, gets a boost instead).

So the others learns that the droid will bring the part soon, and they finish up shopping with Vorn, getting a few repair kits and stim packs, before headding out to wait for the droid. And as soon as they get it, it is off to the spaceport control. They talked to Vorn about the details of the ship and he mentioned spaceport control had it locked down for administrative reasons, if they wanted to leave, they had to talk to them first.

Outside spaceport control, were a few droids but the door was open, so they made their way past and over to the control desks, the lady in charge had a quick chat with hannash about the ship but were not convinced, she just told them to leave, they could find their own way out. Hannash however, would have none of it, and hacked a computer that was just out of sight, since the people did not bother to pay the group much attention. They unlocked landing bay Aurek's controls and narrowly avoided triggering security alarms in the computer system.

Now it was off to the landing bay, however, they saw a group of 4 storm troopers making their way past the crowd, pointing at the PCs and shouting "there they are!", a second later, another group came into view through a side passage.

The group figured that fighting here would risk them hitting innocents and they needed to get the hell out of there quickly, so they rushed through another side alley, into a building, and thanks to Hannash's knowedge about the street, they made their way through a rundown gamblers den, where some of the PCs drew they weapons and said "please, stay seated" as they moved to the back door. However, one of the PCs, i think it was Arali'una, helped herself to the money on the table.

When they reached the back entrance, they got into another alley and followed it around towards to the landing bay. While the landing bay was guarded, they came to the side where it had a maintenance entrance. Cracking the security, they got in and snuk to the main entrance to lock the door, sealing anyone out, not being able to follow them.

The group split up here, 2 went towards the ship and another 2 headded to the controls for the roof. The roof was easy enough to open, the ship however... had Trex inside it. Trex was quite tenacious but he stood no chance against several shots of the wookie's bowcaster. And even if he tried to escape, Arali'una had a net which he threw over Trex, prevending him from escaping.

The group had captured themselves a bounty hunter, and a brand new spaceship, the only thing left was to leave this dirtball called Tatooine.

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