Thursday, 4 September 2014

Iron Kingdoms: Only Non-Fools Get Out - Episode 3

So, there were 4 players this session, Blaze, Ichabod, Solomon, and the Gunmage. And they were all imprisoned in the cages, in the very same room that they had fought during the last session. The thamarite was gone but in their place stood 4 people with improvised torture tools, like a heated iron poker.

Blaze managed to taunt the guy with the iron poker to him and take him out before being attacked by the others, the body of the first torturer fell near Solomon and the player was completely oblivious to all the hints that the torturer might have the keys to the cell. So I improvised a small action that caused the body to roll over to Ichabod, where he immediatly looted the key and got out... to what Solomon's player would say "I would have done that"... the other PCs just shaked their heads and we continued.

After dealing with the torturers and Blaze had again fallen victim to spitting blood critical... the group figured that he earned a new nickname; Blaze "Bloody" Heartly. Equipped with torture tool and stabilising Bloody, they explored the room, there was no way that they would survive if they ran topside, so everyone insisted on looking for secret passages in a slim hope that there was another exit.

Thankfully, I had planned this option because if the PCs were to completely steamroll the previous fight (they did not), a new bloated thrall would emerge from a secret passage. So the PCs found this and discovered a sewer complex.

With Solomon's fire spells and plenty of unlit torches around, they easily navigated the sewers, only having to jump over the sewage-water one time. However, they saw that something was following them in the water, and as long as they were not in it, they felt... safer?, anyway, they had nothing to fight it with at range, Solomon's fire would not penetrate the surface of the water, just heat it slightly.

At the exit of the sewer, they found that it led to a cave, however ,getting to the cave entrance required to walk through the sewer-water. So when the PCs jumped in, they managed to place themself in a formation which left Blaze open to attack from a crocodile of sorts. Blaze had earned his nickname well as he went down on spitting blood again, but got up and killed the crocodile with a impovised spear the had gotten.

So, it was starting to get silly now but they followed the path through the cave and got to a square room, there was an endless pit in the middle of the room and the PCs needed to cross it to get to the other side.
The pit was filled with floating, perfectly round, stones of sorts.

Solomon tried to touch one with his foot, it was pushed out of is place by the force, but floated back to its original possition when he removed the force he had applied to it.
The gunmage tried to jump from stone to stone, but failed and was hanging from the stone which now was dipped lower than anything else, so he had to be rescued. (the stones could only be pushed a certain distance out of its possition before it could not be moved further).

The PCs tried to come up with ideas by using various knowledge tests, but Solomon said he wanted to try to jump across. So 3 spent fatepoints later, he was hanging by the last stone near the end and needed help.

The other PCs tried variosu tests and only 1 succeeded, so as a GM, i wrote the word "slide" on a post-it note and handed it to the player.

Player: "guys, let me try something, I need runspeed"
Others: "you are going to die if you try to jump this"
Player: "Watch this... WEEEEEEE!"

the PC slid across the stones, moving the weight to a new stone quickly enough to continue the momentum, there was also no resistance so the speed got him to the other side in a matter of seconds.

... the look of Solomon's player at this stage... priceless...

The others followed suit and then rescued Solomon from falling to his death. On their way they went, untill they came across another room, this was more a hallway. in the middle of the room was a chest, and there was clear markings of a square on the floor around it. Blaze and the Gunmage wanted loot, so they rushed in and opened the chest, the floor gave in and they fell into a pit.

This new pit had a glazed wall so it was as good as impossible to climb out without help, and there was another chest in this pit.

Blaze: "I'm opening the chest"
GM: "gunmage? do you want to climb out?"
Gunmage: "naa, im good"

The chest was opened and it was another fall-trap, this time to many sets of spikes which was certain death, so this is where Blaze "Bloody" Heartly met his end? and the gunmage also catched his last breath.
This idea was inspired by a post on reddit, talking about interessting traps and twists relating to exploring.

Ichabod and Solomon just watched this happened, without rope or equipment, there was nothing they could do but continue. The door at the far end was also trapped (from reddit this one too), when Ichabod tried to open the double doors with the handle on the middle, the sides of the doors came loose and slammed togeather, squashing anyone who tried to use the handles of the door. Ichabod only took some damage and was disoriented, but alive.

Past the doors was a small cave with a river, it opened up into a larger area, it was deserted at first, but they saw a barge incomming. On this barge was several gang members from the first session (the bloody skiff gang), they had apparently taken prisoners, a trollkin fellcaller (blaze's new character), and a gobber investigator named Yoda (the gunmage, and yes, he talked like yoda all the time).

Waiting for the perfect time, they attacked just as the barge set out again, quickly taking out the ones guarding the prisoners, letting the trollkin charge and shoulderbarge one of the gangers into the water, it was quick business due to Solomon's spells and the trollkins shoulderbarging.

In the gangers den, they found plenty of equipment to restore what they had lost, but with no barge, they were forced to walk back to Corvis.

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