Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Iron Kingdoms: Only Fools Rush in - Episode 1

Soo much warhammer 40k, time for some different games. Lets start with my first game of iron kingdoms, a game I found in the hobby store that my group played in, and I was immediatly sold when I saw that you could play as a Gunmage. Another friend also liked the game so we both studied it and tested the system before getting a group togeather to play.

The group consisted of me as a GM;
- a Sorcerer named Solomon (aka ego-psyker from my previous game)
- a Ranged named Ichabod (who played a stealthy assassin in my former game... i got to hand it to him, I did not remember him so he did a REALLY good job with staying in the background)
- a Gunmage that I dont remember the name of (aka the sororitas from my previous game)
- and a duelist named Blaze Heartly (aka the redemptionist from my previous game)

The group started out being called upon by the local city watch in Corvis, and asked to help out with a hostage situation, the lieutenant's wife and child had been kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded that he handed a package marked Miscellanious surplus, to them, and the package was currently in the possession of a alchemist. The City watch could not be linked to this, so thats why the group's mercenary charter was given the task.

After a bit of chatting and a few minor encounters with the regular people of the city, they came to the alchemist's house and saw 2 soldiers of the golden crucible standing outside, guarding the entrance. The Solomon thought it would be a good idea to climb up on the roof in plain sight, making the guards really agitated, so when Blaze tried to talk to them, they were forced to warn him that if he took a single step further towards them, they would shoot (they had cannonshields, which would really hurt).

Seeing no other way, they all opened fire while Solomon climbed up on the roof, they had almost killed the Crucible guards when Solomon dropped inside the building, just to discover a fuse had just ran out, and the top floor erupted in an explosion, sending Solomon flying out the window he just had jumped through, then 3 storied down to the cobblebrick road, sending him from full health, down to a critical wound that left him scarred for life (-1 to all social test except intimidate, which gained +1).

The others were knocked down and recovered in time to see the crucible guards running away. The building was burning and they had to do something, so Blaze and the gunmage forced themselves inside, discovered a signature marking of a gang by the docks and no indication that the package was in the building. So they left the burning building and made their way into the city to avoid any guards that would try to stop them to ask questions.

Looking around the docks, they found a barge that belonged to the gang, so the idea to take over the barge stealthily was considered, but as soon as one of the barge's crewmates opened fire at the first PC to make the pier floorboards creak, they charged in and slayed everyone. Except 2, 1 crewmate was unconcious, and there were 2 prisoners on the barge, 2 golden crucible guards.

One of the guards had been executed, the other jumped into the river to avoid the ones that tried to execute him, and the attacked from earlier that day.

With everyone down, the hatches to the lower decks opened, and out stepped a woman in robes and a large ogrun with a giant shield and wielding a 2handed cleaver in 1 hand... this was a real fight.

The robed woman casted a spell and all the people they had just killed, was raised as undeads... this was horrifying.

The fight was difficult but some interessting things happened, Blaze went down bleeding to death, but the gunmage used all his skills and actually managed to stabilise Blaze by doing the following: Shot 1 undead in melee with a thunderbolt (knockback) so he was not in melee anymore, ran over to blaze and used Medicine to stabilise him... and reloaded his magelock.

Another thing was that Blaze went down, got up, went down, got up, went down, got up... it was getting quite tiresome, but comical.

Then there was the gunmage's thunderbolt that hit the Ogrun, kocked him back into the Robed woman, and killed her with slam damage. The ogrun was brought low soon after.

When the fight was done, Ichabod and Blaze wanted to interrogate the last surviving crewmmeber, while Solomon and the gunmage went below deck to figure out what was there, however, something felt wrong and the gunmage came back up.

Solomon entered the captain's cabin and saw the package opened, he looked at it and saw that it was important, but somehow evil, while he had little idea of what it was, he took it and never wanted to give it away. (it was a Cryxian cortex, aka a brain for necromancers steamjacks... which is this world's equivalent of spacemarines).

Meanwhile on deck, I believe that I managed to roleplaying the captured crewmate really well, as we ignored all dicerolls and the players asked questions in character, while I answered them in character.

Once they had what they needed, including Solomon and the package (solomon was carrying it and he did not want to give it to anyone). They binded their prisoner and dragged him after them.

When they left the pier, they met the guard Lieutenant and they were ready to hand the package over (solomon still refused), they mentioned the lieutenant's wife and child, and the lieutenant laughed. He had lied, he wanted the cortex for other reasons, and before they could negotiate anything, he had gotten enough of waiting for them to hand it over, so he attempted to take it by force.

The PCs was caught in the open when the lieutenant and several watchmen attacked them, unfortunatly, their prisoner was hit by the first volley and died, fortunatly, there was plenty of cover for the rest. However, they were outmatched.

They had not recovered from their previous fight and was in quite a lot of trouble, but then they saw 3 members of their charter, the actual leaders joining the fight to help out. A large trollkin with a shield and sword, a man in gasmask that threw grenades everywhere, and a arcanist that help up a shield so they could get closer to the fight without taking much damage.

The fight was almost over when a large steamjack entered the fight and caught the lieutenant unaware, it grabbed him and held him immobile, the rest of the guards gave up then. Shortly afterwards, the leader of the charter came into view, wielding her wrench and shotgun ready for use.

With a quick wrapup, the group managed to get the corrupted guards imprisoned and a new lieutenant had stepped up for now, this one could be trusted a little bit more at least. They got to rest and recover before setting out towards their new leads.

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