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Dark Heresy: Ok, maybe I do remember this - episode 3 part 2

Ok, so the group continued, it was pretty straight forward, they got to a place that had some large promethium tanks to the right side, and an elevated position, where a green mutant was shooting at them with a shotgun, missing due to long range. The PCs did not hit either so they approached but successfully realised that the promethium tanks was sabotaged and if they walked past them, it would blow and set them on fire. So they walked along the opposite side, to which the green mutant realised that her plan had failed, so she left, planning a new idea.

The next area where they encountered her, was a dark room with a lot of square boxes or engines (we never specified as far as I remember, it was just to set up the shape of the room). The green mutant had a mutation that gave her incredible speed so she ran around the room. The PCs went in a formation to find her but she avoided them all the time, barely hinting at her location as she ran past their field of view. So in the end, the group was forced to split up in order to corner her.

Their first misstake was when the cleric actually found her, just around a corner with her shotgun in overwatch... point blank range, their second misstake was the spook psyker casting Fear. he did not tell the others about it so they did not expect the psyker to take on a visage of their worst nightmare. Everyone, including the mutant paniced, the cleric got the worst of it, his eyes were glaced and he fell over in a nightmare induced unconciousness (taking over 10 insanity in a extremly horrible fear check)

One of the PCs managed to recover quicker than the mutant and injured her to such a degree that she was forced to run away. So the PCs recovered again and followed, this time to a large water storage, 4 large tanks covered the area, she was at the far end, waiting. They knew it was a trap, but they had to kill her, so they went for it. As they entered, the door behind them was closed with a panel next to the speedy-gonzales, and she shot 2 of the tanks in rapid succession as the group advanced. Water bursted out, starting to fill the room with water, but Speedy was also a wyrd, so she cast a random power (used the spook table) and threw vortex of doom in the middle of the room, blocking their advance.

So the PCs retreated behind the other tanks, the room was not filling as fast but was up to their shins (making it hard to move), so they split up, using ranged, running around the tanks to flank her and trying to counter the vortex with psychic power.

However, as expected with psykers, spook psyker especially, things were going to go wrong, so the spook psyker summoned a smaller version of the Herald of Khorne (forgot their name), and the daemon killed the spook psyker, removing his arm in the process (the psyker lost a fatepoint and then died on the operating table later, then was replaced by a Redeptionist), the daemon attacked the ego psyker on his last round but the psyker managed to parry with a success of 1 in an opposed test (dont remember the roll but something like 28 vs 29, there was some houserules as to dodge and parry but ignoring that for now). So the daemon's hellsword was parried by a mono-sword, the mono-sword was destroyed by its "powerfield" but it returned to the warp afterwards)

The cleric ran up into melee with the Magic-gonzales and got in 1 hit with his holy-club of holiness, before the vortex moved, covering both the gonzales and the cleric, killing the mutant and critically injuring the cleric, then collapsed in on itself and the room again started to fill with water.

With only 1 person left standing, there was a bit of a panic to open the door to the area, but they managed without getting a complete party-kill.

So there was only 1 mutant left now and they had taken some serious beating from single enemies, mutants even, lowly mutants with about +5 or +10 health and 2 positive mutations. Then again, it was the environment and how they used it that caused the trouble.

Again with the memory problems, I do not remember how they got to the last mutant, but they did. He was holed up in the engineering deck, with the plasma generator and had rigged it to blow, unless they did something within 7 rounds... they would all die... everyone, every single one on the ship, there was nowhere they could run, and they would have known this if it were not for the spook psyker (burned his last fatepoint and was slowly dying but wanted to finish the mission before switching character).

The spook psyker failed his test and caused everyone in the party to become frenzied (in newer games, it requires you to attack ANYONE near you, but in this, it was only hostiles), so they all charged in without looking for ambush.

The last mutant was a sniper, who carried a triplex pattern lasgun (used sniper modus to pick off the PCs), he had also put random mines around the area, very few of them were useful, as some was smoke, some was anti-plant, some were frag and some were melta... but the melta ones was never triggered as they were set up on stupid locations (I randomly rolled for each mine, had made a table).

The PCs managed to discover and find the control panel on the first floor (ground floor), while the mutant was sniping at them from a vantage point, 3 floors up. There was a few stairs and walkways to get there.
At the 7th round, they managed to successfully use a tech-use test to activate the cooling system, which gave them another round before TPK, the PC was working on it franticly and had thankfully bought Tech-use the session before. so every round he had to do tech-use tests to buy the group enough time.

It was a VERY VERY close call, as the last person who could do anything before the plasma generators overloaded, managed to hit the correct switch at the mutants vantagepoint (while being shot at by the still not dead mutant). So they were saved by luck and non-stupid actions during the second part of the battle. The mutant however, while dangerous to fight, was oneshotted due to being very very weak, and they had saves the End of Time.

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