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Dark Heresy: Ok, maybe I do remember this - episode 3 part 1

They were in a long hallway, exploring one of the other ships. They see markings on the walls, lots and lots of signs, scriptures and the like, in high gothic. After venturing further down, they started hearing a hymn of some kind, so they snuk towards it, until one of them started a quarrel amongst themselves. When they were done and the mission could continue, the hymn was gone, stopping, wondering what happened, they detected a light at the end of the tunnel, and it was growing brighter.

Something was comming quickly towards them, they spread out what they could, forming a 2 front, 2 back and 1 middle (like 5 on a 1d6), with the 2 in front kneeling down, and they opened fire. The shots lit up the hallway and some hit the thing comming towards them and triggered some sort of powerfield.

A battlesister was comming towards them in an incredible speed, propelled forward with the use of a jetpack, she got into range, droppkicked forward, planting her feet at the chest of the center-man.
Everyone could see the grin made of filed sharp teeth, the mad look in her eyes, and the words she said... "The absence of faith is the mark of the heretic!". Then she kicked back, triggering her jetpack, scorching the center-man in the process.

With a backflip, she landed on front of them and pointed a flamer at them, the ship ratings had no choice, they tried to run but was set alight as the mad battlesister laughed as she purged the "heretics".

...meanwhile, back at the lab... (yes, i ran this small scene for the players, not revealing that they were playing ship ratings)

The players got a explanation of what had happened to their ship and the los pENETRADAS; The navigator's ship had been exploring the koronus expanse, towards a unexplored area when they came across a warpstorm, they were sent off course but recovered swiftly enough due to an experienced crew. However, in the system, they were quickly set upon by pirates and took some serious damage, the Lord Captain (Tristan Mahvorn) ordered the ship to take cover in a dust cloud to loose the pirates, but noone had expected the dust cloud to conceal a starship graveyard.

The ship lost a lot of its functions and were severely crippled, the lord captain was mortally wounded and was put in stasis, most of the other officers went their own way to explore. (with only a brief mention of the names of Seraphine the battlesister and Grimstuff the Ork). The lord captain choose the navigator to lead the survivors before he was put in stasis, and since then, they had been exploring and salvaging everything they could to accomodate for survival, but there were still plenty of unexplored area in this massive graveyard of spacehulks that they had named End of Time.

The PCs asked some questions about what was done and what they could do to help, being given a bit of an update on the activities, they were sent to familiarise themselves with the area first, then report back to the navigator as he needed someone to look into certain cases like why some of the ship rating-explorers have gone missing. (the players went really quiet when I told them this, but refusing the job without a good reason would be metagaming, and I was known for handing out punishment for that sort of thing, usually in the form of less or no exp gained that session).

Now.. the survivors had managed to restore one of the decks of the "lost" (los pENETRADAS' hulk), and made it into a proper town to accomodate everyone's needs, most were done with salvage but the town had just about everything. So the group split up to see of they could make themselves useful by helping out and collecting information at the same time. The sororitas was still heavily injured at this point so she spent her time in the chapel, dedicated to her faith, the cleric did so too but helped to hold sermons and the like (the sister got a fatepoint due to surviving for so long and showing dedication to the emperor), the Cleric got a weapon as a thank you (one of these "clubs" that is considered holy weapons). The Psyker (the one with the ego), did not want to help so he spent his time stealing and exploiting people for money. And the last psyker was just mucking about trying to find something, and came across a drug... Spook...

It should be mentioned that at this point, I completely forgot what was happening, but I remember a few events, there might be more but I cannot remember them, so I'll jump straight into one of the missions that I know the group did. (not the battlesister mission, I had plans for it, but they never got to that)

The navigator was getting some reports about acts of terrorism amongst the survivors on the lower decks (below the town) so the group were to go and investigate this, and if possible, deal with it. So they made their way to the town and got some directions, leading them towards the engineering deck.

The group followed a few clues untill they got into a maze of corridors, there were various arrow signs pointing in various directions but they seemed to lead somewhere. So by following them without any kind of way to navigate, they would get lost trying to find a quick route back, or follow the arrows back, spending a long time doing so. But for now they contiued to follow the arrows, walking into mines and rigged grenades traps. But to the groups relief, the ones who rigged it was an idiot, because one of these were anti-plant mine.

Oh! I remember one of the clues the PCs had gotten, one of the civvies was begging the PCs for help since her husband had been kidnapped by someone and the signs were apparently clues left by the kidnappers. The woman had been told that the PCs would have to be the ones that follows or else she will not see her husband again. (I had considering switching the roles, making it the wife that was kidnapped, but switching up the roles every now and then is a good thing).

Now, they had followed the arrows to a large room with a metal floor, in the middle was a hulking mutant with some kind of crude 2handed shock-maul, and next to him was a man that was tied by wire, the PCs were sure that this was the one that they had to rescue.

On the far side of the room was a door, 2 people stood by it but exited once the PCs arrived. The hulking mutant growled in rough low gothic for the PCs to enter or he would kill the civvie. They did so and the door behind them was shut (metal door, sliding down from the roof). Combat started.

Everything went as expected until the mutant lowered his shockmaul to the floor and flipped a switch... almost everyone except him was knocked to the ground by powerful electricity, the only ones to avoid this was the Spook Psyker who was constantly rolling perils of the warp, and floating in the air with levitate. The rest did whatever they could to try to take down the hulking mutant, but it was incredible difficult. They were at least 4 people at the time, and they were struggling against 1 enemy due to the electricity, some players went unconcious due to fatigue, but in the end, they were victorious...-ish

The man they were sent to rescue had died from being electrocuted too many times, and instead of returning to tell the widow, they continued in order to hunt down the 2 people that left the room when they arrived, because as far as they were concerned, the hulking mutant could not be the brain of the group, not that he could now as the cleric had used his stub revolver to put a manstopper bullet in the mutant's head.

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